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Enterprise Applications

Economic, regulatory and technological disruptions are causing leaders across many industries to step back and look at multiple aspects of their businesses. The industries continue to address regulatory reform, financial reporting requirements, implementation of cost effective technologies, talent acquisition and increasing demands from stakeholders.

These kinds of opportunities are causing organisations to rethink the way they do business as they adjust to empowered consumers, rapid innovation, and most notably, increasing competition from non-traditional players. And although most organisations know what needs to be done to build their next competitive advantage, the challenge lies in knowing how to effectively leverage technology to help transform their businesses, making sure they are fit today and relevant tomorrow.

We combine deep business domain, industry and technology experience, with regulatory, tax and risk capabilities, and a global network of resources, to assist our clients with broad – and oftentimes complex – multi-year initiatives. Our Enterprise Applications help your organisation transform its core operations by taking advantage of the latest solutions specifically designed for your industry.


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SAP business solutions

Enabling business transformation through technology and innovation
The proliferation of communications and data technologies is redefining business models worldwide. Companies should adapt them in order to offer services that are relevant, cost effective and compatible with their long-term goals. In today’s rapidly changing world, flexibility is paramount to making confident, insightful decisions, ensuring the right people and processes are in place and maintaining competitive edge.

The PwC difference
From strategy through execution, PwC collaborates with SAP in order to help clients at all levels including CEO, CFO, CHRO, CPO and business leaders to align their technological resources and applications with their business objectives in order to address the financial, operational, technical and regulatory challenges inherent to SAP investments. PwC helps clients in a range of areas—discover how to improve your capabilities today.

How we help our clients:

  • Supply chain value - As globalisation reshapes the international business landscape, supply chains should be more than efficient. They should also be agile and resilient enough to withstand economic uncertainty, emerging markets, third-party disruptions, political instability and natural hazards. To accomplish this, companies should establish systems and processes flexible enough to meet customer demand despite rapidly changing business conditions
  • Performance, value & efficiency - In order to better support managerial decision-making and corporate strategy, companies should enhance finance’s core transaction-processing and reporting competencies of their SAP finance function. PwC helps firms strengthen their ability to support management decision-making and corporate strategy, and provide cohesion to their overall agendas
  • Governance, risk & control - Governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) technologies offer a cost-effective way to capture disparate firmwide data in order to analyse, correlate and report critical risk information on a timely basis. Unite your people, processes and technology in order to streamline operational efficiency and achieve strategic success
  • Information technology - Without a clear IT strategy, companies court redundancy with solutions that use multiple applications to support the same processes enterprise wide. This incurs costs through inefficient support and operational processes, the risk of non-compliance and an inability to keep pace with changing business needs. In order to leverage IT for competitive advantage, companies should master complexity, reduce operating costs, centralise data and build responsive IT systems
  • Strategy by design - Competitive businesses should be prepared to anticipate and respond to emerging trends. Enterprise data management (EDM) can improve operations, drive value and align activities to business goals by generating content that is transparent, coherent and precise
  • Customer relationships - Organisations today manage three important customer-focused issues: generating new growth, attaining operational excellence, and enhancing competitive agility. We help companies translate customer relationships into better business value by integrating sales, service and marketing through business processes and enterprise applications
  • People & processes - Talent-related challenges can make business goals harder to realise. And because quality workers can entice new customers as well as other prospective candidates, firms should extract maximum value from the human resources department. Attract, recruit and retain the best talent available in order to maintain competitive edge, guide your business strategies to completion and deliver on promises to internal and external stakeholders alike
  • Program & change management - Executing successful programs and transforming your organisation and your people to keep pace with change – and making sure that change ‘sticks’. This includes change readiness and adoption, organisational design, business cases and ROI for quality and cost improvement, and independent verification and validation (IV and V)
  • SAP solutions – We help our clients strategize and implement end-to-end solutions ranging from ECC6, SuccessFactors, ARIBA, Fiori (UX), S4HANA (Simple Finance and Simple Logistics) and SAP HANA (in-memory platform to handle high transactions and complex query processing)

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Workday business applications

Driving human capital and financial transformation
Today’s market forces are constantly pressuring organisations to build high performance cultures, placing talent on par with financial results at the top of the CEO agenda. As a result, HR and finance are considered equally important elements to gain valuable insights, drive growth, and enable business transformation.

In order to achieve success, organisations need to invest in innovative technology solutions that will transform the role of human capital while effectively managing financial performance. This transformation is enabled by leveraging cloud based technologies to improve user experience and effectively manage costs of ownership.

A successful transformation goes beyond a system implementation, addressing issues related to change management, business processes and culture. Companies and institutions need a clearly articulated talent and finance strategy that is tailored to their organisation and industry to successfully navigate the transformation. Making the transition from ‘where they are’ to where they need to be’ can seem like a daunting proposition.

We help clients across many industries transform their businesses with Workday technology. From strategy through execution, we understand what’s important to your business and how to help drive a successful engagement to achieve high results. We leverage our deep operational and industry experience to provide integrated solutions that map to your company’s strategic business objectives.

We also help facilitate C-suite engagement and leverage data trends through powerful analytics to further differentiate our offerings. Ultimately, our global teams assist your organisation in transforming its core operations by taking advantage of innovative solutions that help create sustainable competitive advantage.

We help clients with:

  • Leveraging social, mobile, analytics & cloud to drive global business transformation - Put mobile first. Our team helps you put mobile first and take advantage of everything mobile has to offer. PwC helps clients implement cloud solutions with a unique global architecture that allows you to see and analyse the details of your global organisation, helping you align work to accomplish strategic objectives and improve your talent around the world
  • Increasing the effectiveness of available talent - Find a smarter, more efficient way to handle your people-related activities. We help clients implement business applications with intuitive, self-service features that help you effectively organise, staff, and pay your global workforce
  • Increasing value from financial operations - Go beyond the basics of accounting and focus on speed, agility, cost, and insights. Delivered in the cloud, our integrated business solutions provide a wide range of finance and accounting capabilities, real-time business insights, and auditable process management
  • Mitigating security, regulatory & compliance concerns - We help you take a holistic approach to security, ranging from technical safety guards to understanding data privacy laws and compliance. Those safety guards are built into every business solution we deliver
  • Managing the impact of growing IT costs - We help deliver transformative applications that help you make faster decisions to drive sales, reduce costs, and improve productivity; gain increased visibility, efficiency, and accuracy, and facilitate cost-effectiveness; prepare your organisation for future shifts, emerging markets, and growth

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Salesforce enterprise applications

Today’s customers expect anywhere, anytime access across any device—as well as a personalised experience based on past and present preferences. Savvy businesses are leveraging social, mobile, cloud technologies to deliver on these expectations.

Sophisticated customer engagement platforms connect everything to everything—seamlessly integrating sales, customer relationship management (CRM), customer service and social marketing applications. Cloud-based analytics capabilities enable real-time customer insight and action.

Businesses that combine innovative technologies with business transformation can win in today’s complex customer-centric market.

As a global alliance partner with Salesforce, we help clients transform their businesses with Salesforce technology combined with our strategy and business transformation capabilities. We leverage deep operational and industry experience to provide integrated solutions that map to our clients’ strategic business objectives. Our global teams deliver customised solutions that help create sustainable competitive advantage. We also help drive C-suite engagement and leverage data trends through powerful analytics to further differentiate client offerings.

We help you to:

  • Develop a holistic customer engagement strategy - Develop a cloud-based customer engagement strategy that maps to your over-arching business goals and helps you keep pace in a customer-centric digital world. PwC helps consider all aspects of your business and deploy successful Salesforce solutions from strategy through execution
  • Boost revenue, enhance customer connections - Better manage customer acquisition and interactions, and ultimately grow revenue, boost productivity and gain visibility into your business. We help strengthen customer connections with cloud capabilities that span sales, service and marketing to mobile, social and collaborative communities
  • Listen, Analyze, Engage - Harness data across the sales, service and marketing function with cloud-based analytics capabilities to improve decision-making and the overall customer experience. PwC helps make it easier to explore data, uncover new insights and take action instantly from any device
  • Enhance social enterprise collaboration - Align internal teams and functions for idea sharing, working and collaboration with Chatter, Communities and We provide the social tools to set goals and drive deals and customer satisfaction—within the context of your customer strategies
  • Build custom applications - If you seek specific functionality to meet business needs through custom application development, we help deliver transformative applications for the mobile and socially connected enterprise through Our teams build custom applications to align with your business strategies and needs
  • Build interactive communities - Accelerate innovation, interaction and communication with your partners and customers through Salesforce Communities. We can help you transition from your current portals to create powerful interactive communities within a structured and predictable migration framework

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Oracle business applications

Oracle’s powerful technology lies in the heart of many companies ability to realize a wide range of critical objectives from improving day-to-day operations realising large-scale, enterprise-wide transformational change.

But most companies have only begun to tap into the possibilities offered by Oracle’s high performing solutions and translate these enabling technologies into strategic, sustainable business outcomes. Let us share with you our point of view on how different industries will evolve and transform themselves and how Oracle enabled change can help organizations effectively anticipate and respond in order to reap the benefits.

Whether full-scale enterprise transformation or focused change initiatives we provide industry-specific technology experience in a range of implementation services for Oracle’s full portfolio of products from business applications such as E-business Suite, PeopleSoft, Taleo, Fusion, CRM, Rightnow and Hyperion EPM to infrastructure solutions, including Fusion middleware, OBIEE, Security, SOA and Cloud computing.

From strategy to execution, our combination of business and technology advice helps companies achieve their technology goals, make improved decisions and capitalise on business opportunities.

Have you seen the possibilities?

  • Digital Enterprise on Oracle Cloud - The future of cloud computing is now. Read more about how the promise of cloud computing has become a reality

  • Finance - We work closely with our clients to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their finance operations. Our accounting, organisational and technology skills help enhance the core transaction processing and reporting competencies of the finance function, while strengthening its ability to support management decision making and corporate strategy. We assist the finance integration team by providing Oracle and finance business process professionals to help them lead the finance work stream of the larger integration effort, provide the extra support needed to utilise new functionality in finance upgrades, or to help with finance transformation initiatives that require a blend of both Oracle and finance consulting support
  • Operations - Leveraging Oracle technology, we help our clients develop and implement supply chain strategies that create value and deliver competitive advantage. We can help drive focus on both customer facing metrics (e.g. delivery performance) and internal facing metrics (e.g. inventory levels). We can benchmark your supply chain performance as well as the underlying practices that deliver that level of performance. This leads to identifying the changes that will drive improvement
  • Human Resources - We bring the right blend of industry, process, and technology skills, integrating industry-specific business-process insight with deep technical knowledge of Oracle applications. Our consultants help clients assess the benefits of upgrading or replacing their disparate HR systems leveraging Oracle’s E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Fusion HCM and Taleo technology solutions
  • Customer Experience/CRM - We work with our clients to develop customer experience strategies that help improve profits by using their resources more efficiently. We help align the customer experience strategy across the business to support and enable the achievement of the business goals. Leveraging Oracle CRM technology solutions, we help our clients accelerate growth, improve sales productivity, reduce customer-care costs, and enhance the value of their brands
  • Security - PwC and Oracle have teamed to help companies integrate compliance with identity and access management controls. Leveraging Oracle security solutions, PwC helps clients deliver agile security and identity and access management (IAM). IAM efficiently manages users' ability to obtain appropriate access and can enable cost savings and improved efficiencies while advancing key business initiatives
  • Business Analytics - We help companies to efficiently transform raw data into useful material, disseminate information throughout the enterprise and collect results from those decisions to improve business decisions. By using Oracle’s business intelligence technology solutions, we can show clients how to anticipate and manage risks and enhance performance through better information, greater insight and refined decision-making capabilities

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Microsoft business applications

Our team helps our clients improve their business by transforming their functions across finance, production, service, customer relationship, supply chain and human capital. We perform these transformations by configuring one or multiple products from Microsoft including Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics CRM, Sharepoint, SQL, Office 365, and Azure.

Further, we also bring expertise on other tools for augmented support to the business processes, such as mobile apps. We leverage our robust global implementation methodology, speedy roll-outs, dependable operation services, producing in the process superior quality deliverables.

Our unique delivery model is backed by a strong implementation methodology, deep consulting skills and business understanding. We combine this with Microsoft’s long-term focus on delivering an integrated, manageable and reliable platform that contributes to the customers’ success and growth stories.

We can help you with:

  • Business process transformation - Using Microsoft’s products and solutions we will with our clients on application configuration and system integration. We will also help evaluate your technology environment and help devise a plan for configuring, integrating and improving your business applications and systems across your enterprise. This includes implementation planning, application design, development, testing and configuration, deployment, and post-implementation impact analysis
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM-based solutions – Developing a holistic customer engagement from strategy to solution to help clients keep pace in a customer-centric digital world. PwC helps consider all aspects of your business and deploy a successful ERP and CRM solutions. We work with your business functions heads to strategise and implement both Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions, covering customer relationships management, supply chain management to business intelligence and reporting functions. This includes cloud-based analytics reporting solutions to improve decision-making and overall customer experience
  • Program & change management - Executing successful programs and transforming your organisation and your people to keep pace with change – and making sure that change ‘sticks’. This includes change readiness and adoption, organisational design, business cases and ROI for quality and cost improvement, and independent verification and validation (IV and V)

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