Recovery and Resolution Planning

Recovery and resolution planning is aimed for banks to better plan their responses to severe crisis and avoid having to rely on government bailouts. Bank Negara Malaysia ("BNM") issued an Exposure Draft on Recovery Planning in January 2020 that provides the requirements on Recovery Planning for all licensed banks in Malaysia. Based on this Exposure Draft, banks would need to draw up a detailed recovery plan and submit the plan together with the required data to BNM within 12 months from the issuance date of the final guideline.

Banks would need to integrate recovery planning to their existing risk management framework and not treat it as a compliance exercise. This effort cannot be underestimated. We encourage banks to start early and have a dedicated multi-disciplinary team to undertake this exercise.

Our services include

Implementation support

  • Provision of technical advice
    We can provide you with advice on the detailed implementation requirements of the critical areas within your recovery plan. For example, conducting a strategic analysis assessment of the group or integration of recovery indicators with your current risk appetite.
  • Provision of project management assistance
    We can assist in setting up the project management office to coordinate execution of the required activities in developing your recovery plan. We can assist in tracking key project milestones and coordinate required activities.
  • Draft recovery plan
    We will work with key stakeholders, obtain required information and assist in conceptualising your recovery plan. We will then assist in drafting and putting together the full submission required for the recovery plan.

Independent review

  • Quality review of existing recovery plan
    We can conduct an independent review of recovery plans which you have drafted and provide feedback on:
    - Methodology and process in developing the plan
    - Data and information provided in the plan
  • Quality review of internal programme 
    Where the independent review has been performed by your internal audit function, we can review the overall quality of the internal programme and provide recommendations for improvements, if any.


Via workshops, we can share technical requirements of the required content in the recovery plan and detailed explanations on the template requirements.


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