Integrated Reporting: Continuing the journey (2016)

A 2016 <IR> benchmarking analysis

Responding to the need for better insight

We have for the past three years, benchmarked the top companies in Bursa Malaysia on how they are performing in their corporate reporting.

This year, our follow-up benchmarking analysis of 2015’s Bursa Malaysia Top 50 companies revealed the following visible improvements in their corporate reporting:

  • Providing insight on Corporate Governance activities beyond boiler plate terms of reference
  • Clearer linkage of KPIs to strategy
  • Inclusion of strategic priorities, enhancing the credibility of vision statements
  • Clearer linkage of business model to value creation

We expect these metrics to improve:

  • Disclosure of principal risks - a checkbox mentality is still observed
  • Including a separate corporate responsibility section in the annual report

Explore our Integrated Reporting: Continuing the Journey publication to find out how these companies have progressed.

Key findings

For more key findings, download our publication.

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