Start up with trust

For growth to happen, startups need to make trust their priority from the get-go

Our research on startups and trust

Trust is top of mind for startups

For many, trust plays an important role in growing their business sustainably. What startups may not realise is that trust can actually be measured and managed.

Customers > Investors

Building trust means delivering a strong customer experience. As startups grow, their approach to building trust needs to be flexible and scalable to include a wider group of stakeholders.

Trust is dynamic

It can be scaled with the use of technology. Who the audience is, and what’s at stake influences how trust is built. Trust changes depending on circumstances, and it is down to startups to drive their narrative.

Event highlights

Start Up with Trust: A Fireside Chat

'Start Up with Trust: A Fireside Chat' brought together various Malaysian startups to explore trust in the startup journey.

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Key learnings

70% of baseline survey respondents say they think about building trust all the time.

This indicates that trust is top of mind. But are startups spending enough time to build trust in their early days?

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