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In 2015, PwC held our inaugural Building Trust Awards in 2015 to recognise public listed companies’ efforts to build trust. Since then, we have explored ways to engage the younger generation as part of an effort to shape the views of our future leaders.

One of our successful initiatives was a Trust Debate, which was co-organised with Young Corporate Malaysians in July 2016.

To continue the momentum, we ran a team competition for Malaysian university undergraduates. The PwC Trust Builders Challenge gave students the opportunity to showcase their skills and innovativeness through a case study. The students had to present their solutions to rebuild trust in a well-known clothing label embroiled in a sweatshop controversy.

Learn more about the challenge here.

A total of 137 submissions went through a vigorous elimination process over several weeks. On 1 April 2017, the top three teams presented their trust-building ‘solutions’ to a panel of judges in the Finals of the PwC Trust Builders Challenge.

Learn more about the Finalists and our Judges.

The 3 Finalist teams with the judges

Team Target presenting their solutions

PwC Malaysia Senior Executive Director Chin Suit Fang opened the challenge.

She emphasised that the younger generation will play an important role in building trust in business, especially as they enter the working world and start to make their mark as future leaders.

Then, the finalist teams and judges received their respective briefings.

The first team to step up to the stage was Team Target. Their solution was geared towards rebuilding trust and regaining credibility simultaneously.

The team’s ideas included engaging trusted social audit firms to review operations, and the creative use of clothing labels as a marketing technique.

Then, the judges tested the depth of Team Target’s planning on issues such as labour rights that may differ between two countries.

Team jwt.’s approach to rebuild trust was focused on engaging stakeholders, including the use of “peacekeepers” (representatives from the Labour Department and NGOs) to be the eyes and ears of the public.

They also invested in a Supplier Ranking System Database to validate trust in their suppliers.

The judges quizzed the team on the cost effectiveness of their solution, but it was clear that the students were well-prepared as they brought out mock financial statements to supplement their case. 

Social media was Be Da Ape's primary channel for addressing the case study, linking back to their emphasis on transparency.

They recommended the immediate establishment of a crisis management team and the use of real-time software to monitor employees’ working hours.

The team stood their ground against the judges, who challenged their approach to specific matters such as ensuring labour standards were standardised throughout their entire supply chain. 

jwt. presenting their solutions

Judges questioning finalists on their solutions 

All three teams were outstanding in their performance, making it a tough job for the judges to select a winner.

After a 30-minute break to deliberate their decision, the judges were ready to announce the results. 

Chief Judge Sridharan Nair congratulated all teams for their comprehensive research and mature business perspectives in developing and presenting their unique solutions.

He also shared the judges’ overall feedback on each teams’ presentations.

The judges stressed the importance of practicality in their solutions, delivering the message succinctly, and keeping the audience engaged throughout the presentation.

The results

Team Be Da Ape emerged as the winner of the PwC Trust Builders Challenge, having wowed the judges with their maturity, depth and ability to defend their positions on trust.

Their prizes include a trip to Vietnam (to support the Human Capital team in our Vietnam firm’s onboarding process); the opportunity to be part of the PwC Building Trust Awards 2017 gala dinner committee; and an internship with PwC Malaysia.

One of the team members, Arpan Chandra Sarker, also took home the Best Presenter Award.

  • Winner: Be Da Ape - Sunway-TES; Nguyen Phuong Thao, Pham Thanh Dat, Arpan Chandra Sarker
  • Runner-Up: Team Target - INTI International College Subang; Natasha Bong Sue Yan, Natalia Bong Sue Yin, Ng Jia Ning Tania
  • 2nd Runner-Up: jwt. - Sunway-TES; Teo Jun Yong, Heng Winson, Wong Wern Thiean Jeremy
  • Best Presenter Award: Arpan Chandra Sarker

PwC Malaysia Managing Partner and Chief Judge, Sridharan Nair presenting the Runner-up Award to Team Target from INTI International College Subang

Winner: PwC Malaysia Managing Partner and Chief Judge, Sridharan Nair presenting the prizes to the winning team, Be Da Ape from Sunway-TES


PwC Malaysia Managing Partner and Chief Judge, Sridharan Nair presenting the 2nd Runner-Up Award to jwt. from Sunway-TES

The PwC Trust Builders Challenge demonstrated that Malaysian students not only understand the importance of trust in business, but are capable of becoming leaders who will inspire others with their diverse perspectives and creative solutions.

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Quotes from the event ...

"We (Team Be Da Ape) believe that trust is everything to the sustainability of the business and also to raise your business to a good level. Because if your customers don't trust you, no one will want to do business with you. If your suppliers don't trust you, they will not produce supplies for you. This is a good competition to enhance our knowledge."

Arpan Chandra Sarker, Best Presenter

"Through this Challenge, we were able to have a deeper understanding of how to relate trust not only to our personal lives but as well as how important the (trust) factor is in businesses as well."

Ng Jia Ning Tania of Team Target

"Building trust resonates with our business at PwC, inspiring the PwC Trust Builders Challenge. Our young people have a huge role to play in shaping the future of Corporate Malaysia and society as a whole."

Chin Suit Fang, PwC Malaysia Senior Executive Director

"This (the interest displayed by the participants) is one of the best signs that we are moving the needle on the topic of trust in business. It may be a tiny step, but a needed one in this current climate of low trust in institutions all over the world.”

Sridharan Nair, PwC Malaysia Managing Partner


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Check out the behind-the-scenes action during the Finals, as Be Da Ape battled it out together with Team Target and jwt.

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