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Broaden your HR skills and learn the latest trends in the area of human resources

HR Academy

HR Academy is a unique study programme designed by PwC Academy. This programme is suitable for business people who are interested in HR and are looking for a way to gain new skills and knowledge and improve their careers through the latest trends in human resource management. This hands-on programme covers key areas of HR and addresses topics such as strategic HR management, data analysis, fair pay, and the latest recruitment trends.
The aim of the programme is to help the course participants expand their knowledge and understanding of human resources and create an inspiring study environment for experience sharing.


Modules of HR Academy

Modul 1: Strategic and agile HR & change management

Module covers:
  • HR manager vs. HR leader: skills, knowledge and attitudes,
  • How to make a business function from HR,
  • What HR models are effective for your company,
  • How to set up a corporate culture, manage projects and change.


Modul 2: Data in HR

Module covers:
  • EBHR concept –⁠ "Evidence based HR",
  • Small vs. big data –⁠ how to work with HR data,
  • Data analysis and compilation of a robust business plan,
  • HR effectiveness measurement,
  • Clear analytical dashboards for strategic HR management.


Modul 3: Remuneration strategy and its connection to performance

Module covers:
  • What is your HC ROI,
  • "Total Pay" strategy –⁠ financial and non-financial components of remuneration,
  • The process of evaluating job positions and setting salary ranges,
  • Motivation and age management –⁠ five generations in the workplace,
  • Transparency in remuneration,
  • Performance management - traditional and modern approaches.


Modul 4: Trends in recruitment

Module covers:
  • Latest trends in recruitment and selection,
  • How to attract the the right people at the right time and for the appropriate remuneration,
  • Adaptation process of a new employee,
  • Talent management,
  • Succession in the company,
  • Career development,
  • Reduction of the number of employees.


Course details

HR Academy was designed based on our experience in HR, knowledge gained from the global PwC network and the management of certified CIPD programmes. The aim of this programme is to provide the participants with knowledge and skills in the key areas of human resources, to contribute to the development of agile HR and to create an inspiring learning environment for sharing experiences.

This 6-month study programme consists of 4 interactive and facilitated workshops that cover key HR areas. The programme includes group and individual assignments and activities and presentations of a short case study.

Why study HR Academy with PwC Academy?
  • Programme was designed based on our extensive experience in HR and the management of the CIPD training programmes.

  • Modules are led by highly qualified and certified tutors with many years of experience in HR who manage the CIPD Center of Excellence for the CEE region.

  • Throughout the modules you will have the opportunity to get familiar with the latest research, HR theories and scientific knowledge from diverse case studies. 

  • You will get familiar with best practices in HR and you will have the opportunity to participate in a discussion not only with the lecturer, but also with other participants in the programme with whom you will be able to share your previous experience.

  • After successfully completing the entire programme, you will receive an internationally recognised CIPD qualification that proves professional competence, enhances career prospects and offers a wealth of other benefits.


HR Academy is a study programme suitable for people with business backgrounds that are interested in enhancing their HR knowledge and supporting their career with learning and understanding the newest trends in HR management.


After successful completion of the course you receive PwC certificate.



Vanda Šinková

Vanda has extensive experience in HR management. Currently, she is the leader of CIPD Centre of Excellence for the PwC Academies in CEE, and is delivering CIPD qualifications in several CEE countries. In her HR leader role, Vanda has been responsible for the overall HR management agenda, as well as for the strategic HR and change management, organisational and talent development. 



Dates and details

Date Course CPD points Language Place Price (excl. VAT) Registration
23 March 2023 – 23 June 2023

HR Academy

56 SK Online

35,000 CZK*


* Modules can be attended separately. Price per one module is 10,000 CZK excl. VAT. 

Structure of the programme Date Timing of sessions
Module 1: Strategic and agile HR & change management 23–24 March 2023 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Module 2: Data in HR 26–27 April 2023 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Module 3: Remuneration strategy and its connection to performance 26–26 May 2023 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Module 4: Trends in recruitment 22–23 June 2023 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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