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Forget boring trainings and endless presentations. With our games and simulations, you will gain real life experience! You can join a simulation of running digital services within your company in the context of an on-going cyber-attacks or an interactive simulated investigation that begins with a ‘dawn raid’ but quickly broadens to further areas of fraud.
By joining our interactive simulations, you will gain an understanding of what can go wrong and acquire practical insights of how to protect against cybersecurity attacks, fraud, corruption and integrity risk.


Games & Simulations

Cyber Arena

Cyber Arena is a simulation tailored to your specific needs and offers almost real-life experience of managing the digital company as well as issues arising from cyber threats exploiting flaws in the IT world. 

How to play? 

At first, you will divide yourselves into groups according to your roles: Top Management, IT/Security Management, IT/Operations, Invader. Then we will set together your goals and your budget. Each of the groups will then deal with its own simulated everyday agenda on their device and every decision will alter the progress and the end result.
The progress of your company will be visible on a shared screen. Strategy is up to you. You can invest into new smart technologies, people, and/or cyber security.

 What are the benefits of Cyber Arena?
  • Unique one-day experience for your company's management and up-to-date educational method in Cyber Security,
  • Hands-on approach towards issues across various departments in your company – Board of Directors, IT/IT Security Management,

  • Formal evaluation and initiation of the process of changes within your company from PwC professionals with expertise in Cyber Security and Risk Management,

  • Unique opportunity for interesting and productive discussion with both technical and non-technical representatives of your company.

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Investigate is an interactive experience where teams uncover misconducts in a fictitious global company. In this realistic, exciting and competitive game the teams review and evaluate different sources of evidence (mobile phone data, emails, interviews, data analytics etc.) and navigate their way through the twists and turns of an investigation.

How to play Investigate?

An Investigate session involves playing the game in a facilitated workshop with teams of up to four people. Players have access to a web-based investigation dashboard, and work together in their team to help the company’s leadership understand the details of the fraud. 

Teams compete against each other and can see each other’s progress in real time. At the end of the game players submit their report and find out how they have performed.

After completing the lesson you will understand: 
  • The risks associated with a regulatory investigation.

  • How investigations are performed and what are the available tools and techniques.

  • The importance of internal controls in preventing fraud and integrity issues. 

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We are ready to prepare any other tailor-made simulations
or interactive games for you. 



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