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Across Canada, we offer 250 retail and consumer professionals with experience serving companies in all areas of retail and consumer packaged goods — from mass merchandisers and specialty stores to manufacturers of alcoholic beverages, food, and health and beauty care.

This range of experience gives us a strong understanding of the issues retail and consumer companies are facing across the entire supply chain, from manufacturer to final consumer purchase.

Our professionals utilize their business, strategy and technology skills to provide retail and consumer companies with a broad range of business and financial services. We also use these skills when helping retail and consumer companies tackle some of the most challenging industry issues including:

Sonia Boisvert

Retail and Consumer Leader


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Retail evolution & customer experience

How does a crown corporation remain agile through change? In this episode of Shift, LCBO’s President & CEO George Soleas shares how the LCBO is driving innovation in the way it operates and delivers its products and services. From digital adoption and creating narratives for the customer, to leveraging data to transform the customer experience and improve operations across the supply chain, we examine the LCBO’s evolution into an ambidextrous, digitally enabled, organization.




Canadian consumer insights: Retail evolution

Canadian consumers want convenience, choice and control when they shop. For that reason, and to deliver to constantly evolving expectations, retailers are looking for inspiration outside the retail environment, using emerging technologies like virtual reality, artificial intelligence (AI) and mobile-first initiatives and payments to better meet consumer demands and reinvent their shopping interactions.

Our survey of more than 1,000 Canadian respondents explores the main tech-enabled approaches retailers are using to give shoppers a superior customer experience.

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Consumer Markets deals insights - Q1 2018

Competition fuels deal activity as the hunt for growth and customer attention continues.

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The new retail ecosystem: From disrupted to disruptor

Disruptors are reshaping consumer behaviour and training swaths of consumers to view disruption as the new default setting. Be it Amazon, Netflix or Uber, disruptors have found the ideal combination of convenience, price, speed and variety that most appeals to consumers. Rather than simply responding to consumer preferences, organizations such as these anticipate and shape consumer behaviour.

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