Shipping and Ports

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Due to Ukraine’s location on the Black Sea and many major shipping lines using it as a port of call, the shipping and ports industry in Ukraine is significant. However, the 2009 downturn has left ports struggling to recover to previous levels. In order to speed the recovery, the government is looking to invest and expand in Ukraine’s ports. This is seen by the approval of the new Development Programme for the Sea Commercial Port of Illichivsk with the intention to more than double the port’s capacity. With investments for these projects requiring more than UAH 1 billion, it should stimulate the market and create more opportunities for businesses in this industry.

We are focused on assisting companies in the shipping industry to face the challenges and manage the risks of this ever changing world and to help them continue to be successful in this exciting industry. Our experience and network of dedicated industry practitioners positions PwC to provide you with quality audit and professional services uniquely tailored to the needs of a leading shipping company, whether family owned or publicly listed, large or small.

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