Governance, risk and compliance

PwC’s governance, risk and compliance services support clients across the Middle East in navigating through the challenges of evolving regulatory pressures, increased demand for proper corporate governance, disclosure, and transparency, in addition to mitigating market and industry risks. Our services include developing a business-driven approach to improving the effectiveness of governance, risk and compliance activities, while reducing cost and complexity.

We help clients address new or existing regulations, including Sarbanes-Oxley, FCPA, anti-money laundering (AML), privacy, and industry-specific laws and regulations. We work with clients to enhance existing policies, systems, procedures and training to sustain improvements and prevent compliance failures. We also help clients who have already experienced a failure, by isolating and remediating it quickly and working with the client to prevent further compliance violations. Additionally, to improve decision making and reduce operational surprises, we develop systematic approaches to the assessment of strategic, operational, financial and compliance risks. We can help clients integrate effective and meaningful risk management practices into their ongoing performance management, strategic planning and capital allocation processes.

In addition, we provide internal audit services to our clients and help them to establish a world class internal audit function. We also provide training and technical support for Teammate (the internal audit management tool), through a partnering agreement with CCH (the owner of Teammate). We help clients to conduct the necessary investigations for specific incidents that might occur in the organisation.