15th Annual Middle East CEO Survey

Looking ahead – Delivering growth and value

Middle East CEOs remain optimistic about delivering growth over the next 12 months, despite the lingering after-effects of the Arab Spring and a potentially worsening Eurozone debt crisis. A recovery in oil prices and responsive government policies have a lot do with buttressing the region’s economic outlook.

Indeed, the region’s private sector fortunes are in many ways linked with energy markets and government policy. For their part, governments across the region have made significant commitments towards investing budget surpluses into the building blocks of long-term economic sustainability – upgrading infrastructure and education, for example, and diversifying economic output in both geographies and sectors. The region’s corporate sector has followed that lead.

Yet, leaders of both public and private sectors realise there is more to accomplish. Competing globally in more diverse sectors in more diverse markets will require more leadership and more innovation. Above all else, it will mean developing the right talent to strengthen their organisations’ capabilities.


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