To develop a successful strategy, it is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of available alternatives, to account for uncertain outcomes, and to understand how your decisions will affect the value.

Are you planning to:

  • Sell your business?
  • Acquire a company, undertake a merger or corporate reorganization?
  • Invest into R&D, build a new plant or make another capital investment?
  • Launch a new product, buy or sell a brand name or other intangible asset?
  • Perform strategic planning or shareholder value analysis?
  • Recapitalize the business, set up a joint venture, or raise project finance?
  • Demonstrate the adequacy of pledged collateral?
  • Determine values of real estate, equipment or trade marks for business or statutory purposes?

We offer our clients advisory services related to strategic decision making and negotiation with business partners:

  • Valuation of business, property and intellectual property upon acquisition, sale of shareholding interest, mergers, etc.
  • Development of business plans and assessment of strategic alternatives
  • Determining fair value for the purpose of compliance between national and international accounting standards (purchase price allocation, etc.)

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