Customs Suspensions

Do you import goods from non-EU countries? Are you paying import customs duties?

You may qualify for customs suspensions!

Customs suspensions allow EU producers to import goods subsequently used in production without paying import customs duties during a certain period (e.g. 2 years).

Which products can be subject to customs suspensions?

  • Raw materials, semi-finished goods, or components not available or produced within the EU, or not in sufficient amount, with the exception of “finished products”.
  • Finished products used as components in the final product, provided the added value of such an assembly operation is sufficiently high.
  • Equipment or material to be used in the production process.

What are the conditions to apply for the customs suspensions?

  • The goods have to be integral to the production process operated by EU producer, i.e. they must be classified as inputs to the production.
  • Such goods must not be available within the EU in the required amount or quality.
  • It must not be possible to decrease the import customs duties in another way or apply other specific measures.
  • The yearly saving on the import duties has to be at least EUR 15.000.
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