Information Technology


Making an effort to centralise and optimise systems and operations along with the simplification of data warehousing, establishment of centres of excellence or off-shoring is the trend in information technology of insurance companies today. At the same time, however, there still remains the pressure of cost reduction which also applies within the information technology environment. In the field of information technology, we focus mainly on innovation, sales improvement through the proper use of IT and streamlining of information systems.

How we can help

  • Streamlining use of electronic information channels
  • Introduction of electronic communication with the insurance company, and its improvement
  • Customer care and marketing
  • Customer data management solutions design, including their security
  • Business intelligence and system management
  • Analysis of possibilities for using social networks

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Eva Hupková

Eva Hupková

Director, The Academy Leader, PwC Slovakia

Tel: +421 2 59350 414

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