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Our services in the field of human resources are based on the desire to help the company maximise the potential of its people so that it successfully follows the company's business strategy, as well as the needs of employees. We believe that the balance of these assumptions leads to stable growth and it is our priority to offer the Slovak market advice on corporate culture change, effective organisation, leadership development, and innovation, and make it a crucial period on the path to higher profits and happier customers. Our experts have been involved in the acquisition of knowledge and have experience in the implementation of organisational change and can, therefore, quickly and efficiently detect risks that prevent companies from achieving their desired objectives.

How we can help

  • Management of organisational changes, which focus on setting the vision and goals of the organisation, defining and directing strategic plans, organisational design and internal communication changes
  • Analysis of utilisation of human resources and identification of opportunities for performance improvement
  • Transforming HR and assessment of its value added in relation to the strategic direction of the company
  • Communications consultancy focused on key employees of the insurer
  • Changing the culture of leading managers, where the process of changing corporate culture is perceived as being closely linked to the development of leadership, while the managers become exemplary bearers of values on which the corporate culture is built. Our solution proposes a course of cultural change to bring it in line with the strategy. This result significantly improves the customer experience
  • Innovation management as a part of promoting an innovative culture, where our aim is to offer an overview of the potential to innovate and provide a know-how on how to build a stable innovative strategy that supports the creativity of employees, effective use of the potential of social networks and collective technology. It also provides early removal or the change of processes and structures that inhibit this process
  • Consulting on HR issues, remuneration, and talent management
  • PayWell Remuneration Study for the financial services and insurance sectors

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Eva Hupková

Director, The Academy Leader, PwC Slovakia

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