Shared Services Centres

A shared services centre is a place from which the company provides its services with a high added value in support of the employment of qualified experts in centers for the development of IT programmes, technical solution centers, centers for modification of top level technologies and customer support centers, whereas the main scope of their activities are financial services, purchase, IT services, HR and customer care.

Would you like to:

  • set up a new shared services centres?
  • expand an existing shared service centre in Slovakia?
share cervices centre

Conditions for granting investment incentives to the shared services centre include:

  • the construction of a new shared services centre or the expansion of an existing one,
  • the acquisition of long - term tangible and intangible assets valued at no less than EUR 400 thousand, while at least 50% must be covered by the entity’s equity, or own sources if an individual is concerned,
  • creation of new jobs,
  • at least 60% of the total number of staff must have a university education.

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