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CIPD Masterclass: How to manage bias in HR decision making

Are you impressed by a candidate at the interview? Is he really that good or does he just remind you of a colleague who is smart? Does he use words that fit into your reference frame? Which aspects are important to you when choosing from more candidates? To what extent do you select candidates who have similar hobbies or background as you do? Do you test multiple types of job ads? Did you know that the attractiveness of your job ad for certain target groups is also influenced by the specific words that you use? Words like "teamwork", "support", "workplace atmosphere" are more attractive to women, while words like "career", "results", "performance" attract more men. 

Neurosience applied to HR

How often do we deceive ourselves? Probably much more than we realize. It’s not really our fault though. Our brains are wired that way. In order to function quickly, the human brain takes cognitive shortcuts. If unnoticed, cognitive bias can quickly become our enemy.

When working with people we need to make decisions constantly. When reaching out to candidates, during a job interview, when assessing performance and creating optimal working conditions and relationships. Our decision-making is a potential minefield, however, where we see pitfalls due to a subjective perception of reality based on past experiences, momentary attitudes, or the current context.


What will you learn?

  • We explain exactly what cognitive distortion is and how to “tame” it in favour of effective human and HR management and line superiors.
  • You will learn to think critically, and recognize, realize, and minimize decision-making errors.
  • We will teach you to understand the causes and consequences and to look at things from multiple perspectives in order to improve the HR work in your organization.
  • We will give you practical advice on how to implement strategies to help you and your colleagues reduce bias at key moments when managing and shaping HR processes and practices.


The workshop has two dimensions:

  • Individual - dealing with decision-making as an HR manager.
  • Organizational – highlighting possible errors in processes and their application by line managers. It will provide you with inspiration on how to eliminate them. 



We will look in more detail at two specific activities:

Firstly, we will look at the behavioural science of selection and recruitment. The main challenge is to make best use of the strengths in our decision-making, to compensate for our weaknesses with appropriately designed techniques and tools as well as the biases and judgement errors that may occur on the assessor’s side when using these tools. We will take a broad look at recruitment, from outreach activity and the creation of job adverts, through to making final hiring decisions. We will also focus on the candidate’s experience during the recruitment process.

Secondly, we will look at the behavioural science of performance management, including pay and reward. A central question here is: what behaviour and performance do different forms of financial and non-financial reward encourage? Different regimes will generate different expectations and incentivise different types of behaviour, and HR should be wise to this.

What will you learn?

What cognitive distortion is and how to “tame” it in favour of effective human and HR management and line superiors.


We will specifically look at:

Own systematic errors in the assessment and evaluation of others

  • Egocentric bias
  • Groupthink
  • Affinity bias
  • Out-group bias
  • Self-serving bias
  • Signalling theory 

Systematic errors resulting from the context we are in

  • Availability bias
  • Cognitive load
  • Focusing effect
  • Loss Aversion
  • Peak-end effect 

CIPD is an international professional organisation of HR professionals with whom the PwC Academy has been working for almost 10 years.

Our common goal is to develop top quality continual education in personal management and provide HR professionals in Slovakia with access to the latest research, knowledge and proven best practice.

CIPD Masterclass is a series of workshops where, together with CIPD, we select topics that are up to date, unique and at the same time practical for HR and work with people as regards personal and organizational development.



Olívia Hurbanová

Olivia has been awarded the Tutor of the Year award. She focuses on the application of behavioural sciences to business, communication and education. Olívia also utilizes knowledge from neurobiology and evolutionary biology. CIPD Masterclass is based on CIPD’s research on the application of neuroscience to the HR environment. The training also uses virtual reality, which allows participants to feel and realize the imperfections of thinking and teaches how to change established decision-making patterns.



Standard price                                      

650 EUR + DPH

Early bird price - before 31 March 2019       

585 EUR + DPH

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