What leaders need to succeed in the new world

As the world has grown more digital and more complex, so too has decision-making. Leaders today are tasked with a wide variety of issues that range from supply chains to climate change. From advancing technology roadmaps, to making Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations, to upskilling and engaging employees — all while being mindful of narrow profit expectations. So, what will define tomorrow’s success stories? We believe that success will come from those leaders who demonstrate proficiency across business areas and mastery of some paradoxical characteristics. Those who can collaborate with people who have different backgrounds and different ways of thinking. Those who show humility, courage, and commitment to build on their existing strengths, while also being continuously open for new impulses and developments.

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Leadership paradoxes podcast

In today's digital, complex and uncertain world, leaders need new skills and characteristics that require the ability to possess seemingly opposite capabilities to succeed.

Are you and your leadership teams ready to embrace change and inspire progress?

67% of organisations plan to increase their investments in leadership development over the next 3 years.

PwC’s Global CEO survey, January 2021

How we can help

At PwC, we work with individual leaders and leadership teams to help boost performance and enhance personal leadership capabilities. We’ll collaborate closely with you to help develop the strategies you need for your organization.

Top team effectiveness

Are your senior leadership groups achieving their maximum effectiveness and team performance? Our four-step approach is designed to improve leadership team fundamentals, enhance capabilities for performance, apply the right teaming models, and connect people more deeply through an emotional commitment.

Leadership assessments and succession planning

Do you know what leadership capabilities you need to execute your business strategy? Our analysis of leaders’ skills and capabilities can help you determine future leadership potential and development, and build the right pipeline of talent for your organisation.

Leadership training and development

We work with organisations to define their core leadership model, supported by innovative tools and processes. After assessing your leadership team’s specific needs, we can work with you to design, develop, and deliver the tailored learning experiences you need.

Leading through transformation

Embracing and inspiring change often require an evolution in personal leadership style and how to work with colleagues. We can help you successfully lead your organisation through a transformation.

Six paradoxes of leadership

In the post-pandemic world, integrity and trust will be essential foundational elements for any company that wants to succeed. And no matter how digital the world may be, these values cannot come from a computer—they require human leaders. Learn what else leaders today need to understand, and what paradoxical characteristics they will need to master, to navigate a new world with new risks, opportunities, and complexities.

How do you navigate a world that is increasingly both global and local?

How do you navigate the politics of getting things to happen and retain your character?

How do you have the confidence to act in an uncertain world and the humility to recognise when you are wrong?

How do you execute effectively while also being highly strategic?

How do you become increasingly tech savvy and remember that organisations are run by people, for people?

How do you use the past to help direct your future success?

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Challenges we can help solve

  • How might we support leaders in the "new normal” and shape their legacy for future generations?
  • How might we leverage the power of diverse teams and inclusive leadership to drive greater business success and innovation?
  • How might we increase leaders’ ability to be reflective and intentional about inviting multiple and diverse perspectives into strategic decision making and execution?
  • How might we design effective and sustainable leadership development strategies that make an impactful difference?
  • How might we best support a newly assembled leadership team?
  • How might we improve employee engagement through human-centric and future-directed leadership?

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