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Strategic Sustainability

  • Learn how we trained the client on sustainability and good reporting practices.
  • Learn how we assisted the client in setting annual targets and goals, and developing a roadmap to implement the key sustainability initiatives identified.

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Assurance and Reporting

  • Learn how we engaged local communities, societies and NGOs to verify data reported in the areas of rural and social development, biodiversity and the environment.
  • Learn how we conducted interviews with key personnel involved in the sustainability reporting and data collection process. Sustainability assurance

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Climate Change & Carbon Management

  • Learn how we developed a baseline greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory for the client’s global operations.
  • Learn how the client obtained a detailed understanding of the CDP, the positive implications for disclosure and tools required to provide a meaningful response to the CDP.

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Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • Learn how we were able to pinpoint key priority areas that were not given adequate attention by the company.
  • Learn how we delivered an awareness session on sustainability and good reporting practices to the relevant personnel in the organisation.

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Tax and the Regulatory Environment

  • Learn how our team prepared a comprehensive report documenting the overview of green technology sectors in Malaysia and four other countries
  • Learn how our team engaged key stakeholders from various private and public organisations for interviews and focus group discussions.

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Supply Chain and Operations

  • Learn how we worked with the client’s sustainability team to design and facilitate a cross-functional workshop
  • Learn how we undertook a full analysis of every stage of the supply chain, including market, value chain and competitive cost analysis.

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