Business Continuity Management

Helping your organisation be crisis-prepared

A crisis can happen at an inopportune time when you least expect it to. What more with the speed of today's business and technology, a disruption of a short period of time may lead to a catastrophic impact to the organisation. While you may not be able to predict a crisis, you certainly can be prepared for one.

The value of embedding BCM in your organisation

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is an investment that enables your organisation to turn any crisis into a competitive advantage with the following: 

  • Increased employee readiness in responding and recovering during a business disruption
  • Quick return to a state of 'business as usual'
  • Minimised cost, losses and duration of disruption
  • Higher confidence among customers and other stakeholders
  • Stronger brand trust and reputation in the public's eyes
  • Compliance with legal or regulatory requirements, if applicable
  • Potential reduction of insurance premiums with the proper risk mitigation measures in place

Our services include

Development and implementation

We offer end-to-end BCM implementation covering the BCM lifecycle in the following phases:

  • BCM framework to govern your organisation's BCM programme
  • Risk assessment and business impact analysis to understand and identify the potential threats and your organisation's critical business activities
  • Business continuity strategy to enable the organisation to resume business operations with the most practical and cost-effective solutions
  • Business continuity procedure to document workable processes to be performed by employees during a crisis. Aside from Crisis Management Plan and Business Continuity Management Plans, we can also assist to develop other contingency plans catered to specific situations to further support your company's BCM programme, such as IT Disaster Recovery Plan, Pandemic Plan, Contingency Funding Plan, Recovery and Resolution Plan and more.
  • Exercising and testing to ensure that the plans and strategies developed are effective and reliable

We are also able to implement selected phases focused to fit your organisation's objectives and needs. 

Exercising and testing

Putting the procedures and strategies to test not only helps to identify gaps and opportunities in your BCM programme, but also creates awareness among your employees. We offer the following types of exercises and tests:

  • Notification tree exercise
    An exercise to evaluate the effectiveness of the layered hierarchical communication structure practised in your company for crisis communication purposes.
  • Desktop walkthrough exercise
    A facilitated tabletop discussion for participants to walk through the response and recovery actions based on realistic scenarios crafted.
  • Crisis simulation exercise
    An engaging "live" exercise that involves participants in role-playing and interacting with one another to address scenarios crafted for the simulation.

Aside from testing Crisis Management Plan and Business Continuity Management Plans, we are experienced in conducting exercises involving the testing of various contingency plans, such as Emergency Evacuation Plan, Crisis Communication Plan, IT Disaster Recovery Plan, Cyber Incident Response Plan and Contingency Funding Plan. We are able to tailor scenarios and materials to help you achieve your exercise objectives and requirements.

Review and assessment

Already have a BCM programme in your organisation but unsure how relevant and robust it is? We offer the following solutions to address these concerns:

  • BCM effectiveness review
    An independent assessment of your organisation's BCM documentations against best practices or relevant standards and guidelines to identify gaps and improvement points. This review can also be part of your organisation's internal audit plan.
  • BCM maturity assessment
    An evaluation to study the maturity of your organisation's existing BCM capabilities against best practices and relevant standards and guidelines.

Awareness and training

While plans and infrastructure are important, the success of your BCM programme depends on your most valuable asset--your people. It is important that your employees are aware of your company's BCM programme and their respective roles and responsibilities. To help you achieve this, we can conduct customised training workshops or refresher courses based on your objectives and target audience.

Looking to automate the implementation and maintenance of your organisation's BCM plans for greater efficiency? You may check out our Business Continuity Planner or contact us to learn more.


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Award and Recognition

Disaster Recovery Institute - Best Service Provider for Business Continuity Management (BCM) 2013, 2014, 2016

DRI's Best Service Provider for Business Continuity Management award recognises the best BCM service delivery in the industry, as well as the commitment in promoting business continuity to the community, and the ability to respond to the changing BCM landscape.

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