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One of the foundations in building trust in our capital markets is for businesses to present complete, accurate and fairly presented financial information of their performance.

This need is even more imperative today with the onslaught of corporate scandals.

Our audit helps assure that you’ve at least met the reporting expectations of your stakeholders.

What’s more is the value that comes with our audit process: advice on controls and processing system weaknesses, and confirmation of accounting treatments on complex transactions, for example.

Find out how we blend compliance and value.


Audit is at the heart of what we do. We practise and firmly believe in our most important role in the financial reporting system: to enhance the credibility and reliability of financial statements through our audit reports.


What this means to you as our client:


   Your business needs                                                         Our value to you

A quality audit

  • We’ll perform an audit that helps give stakeholders confidence in the integrity of your financial statements
  • Give you our objective views on the application of your accounting policies
  • Share our perspective around judgments and estimates
  • Also, you can be confident about our risk-based audit approach, because we review and update it at least annually to reflect improvements from our quality review process

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Informed points of view

  • We give context around complex issues and the broader implications to your business
  • To help you make better judgments and anticipate opportunities and challenges, we’ll tap into our experience with other businesses like yours

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Meeting regulatory requirements

  • We follow developments in industry and technical regulatory requirements closely, so that you can keep your accounting and reporting current and accurate

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Protecting your brand

  • Your financials aside, we’ll also share with you our insights on your other reports and disclosures so you can maintain consistent messaging and protect your reputation

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Continuous service improvement

  • Our work covers new areas you consider to be of risk
  • We also explore the audit implications of significant changes in your business
  • Whenever possible, we’ll consolidate audit efforts, while still achieving the necessary audit coverage

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