Malta Annual Review 2023

Building on a strong foundation

PwC Malta's Teritory Senior Partner, David Valenzia

Introduction by our Territory Senior Partner, David Valenzia

In a welcome to the 2023 Annual Review, David Valenzia, Territory Senior Partner, presents the firm-related initiatives over the past year

“We remain focused on providing high-quality, value adding services to our clients, and we must never lose sight of that objective. Our reputation as the market-leading firm is based on this quality and trust, and our core values of integrity, independence, professional ethics and competence.

Our constant growth continues to be the result of the strength of the relationships we build and nurture with our clients.”

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as at 30 June 2023


female staff complement


total number of employees


firmwide training hours during the year


cash contributions and hours dedicated to professional bodies and philanthropic activities


reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions compared to our FY19 baseline

Clients and Markets Leader, David Ferry

Message from our Clients & Markets Leader, David Ferry

David Ferry, Clients & Markets Leader, explains that despite all the challenges faced in the last year, our people’s priority remained that of supporting our clients.

“We find ourselves in a landscape marked by continued economic pressures – high inflation, rising interest rates, and ongoing geopolitical turbulence. It's been a year where our clients have turned to us once more, seeking our support. Our firm’s primary objectives have allowed us to do just that - provide comprehensive support and sustainable solutions that deliver maximum value”

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Our timeline
  1. What happened in FY23?

    The year was jam-packed with activities and initiatives which ranged from collaborations to CSR, Diversity and social events. Explore what our firm was up to through our timeline

  2. Signing a Gold Alliance Agreement with the Malta Chamber

    The firm signed this agreement intending to provide a forward-looking vision for the country that supports business community growth through The Malta Chamber.

  3. Signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with MCAST

    In our commitment to help guide and support the professionals of tomorrow, the firm signed an MoU with MCAST.

  4. Freshers Week

    As every year, we were present at the University of Malta, MCAST and Junior College Freshers Weeks. Our people were on our stands offering guidance on what options were available to the students, both during and after university, so that they could nurture their incredible potential.

  5. Formally launch of the Salesforce practice in Malta

    As one of the investments made in technical resources, the firm broadened its capabilities to further enhance the customised experience it brings to its clients and their businesses.

  6. The PwC Award

    Yana Sammut (Assurance), Lara Spiteri Debono (TLS), Sean Goodlip (Advisory) and Mireille Portelli (IFS) were celebrated as PwC Professionals and won The PwC Award during our Annual Conference.

  7. Giving Back initiative

    Our Giving Back initiative allows our people to participate in several CSR initiatives supporting and assisting heritage sites, animal sanctuaries, social support initiatives and in donating blood. The initiative was held in both December and May and was organised during office hours on a voluntary basis.

  8. Acquisition of Megabyte Ltd.

    Through this acquisition, the firm’s technology team grew to over 60 experts with the aim of delivering IT business solutions. The acquisition strengthened our brand position and expanded our footprint in the local technology sector.

  9. Launch of Your Leadership Journey

    The goal of this training strategy is to ensure that, in addition to being technically excellent, our people are equipped with the business skills that allow them to build trusted relationships with our clients and within each of their teams.

  10. Visit by the Bishop of Gozo

    His Lordship Anton Teuma, visited our offices during the 2023 Easter period where our people had the opportunity to meet him. The visit was concluded with a meeting with the firm’s Partners and Directors.

  11. Release of the fourth edition of Property Barometer

    This survey, performed through an online survey with 405 respondents, analysed the current local sentiment towards the local real estate sector, demand preferences and key trends.

  12. Tech Week

    A first for the firm, Tech Week was a week-long series of technology-related events aimed at giving more prominence to the various challenges business leaders face in undertaking digital transformation initiatives.

  13. International Tax Leaders meeting

    The firm hosted the 2023 PwC International Tax Leaders meeting. The meeting was attended by various Tax Leaders from across the PwC Network who, over two days, discussed hot topics and updates related to the tax industry.

  14. VAT to the Future conference

    Held every two years, this year’s edition of the VAT Conference was a full-day client event with discussions on hot topics involving the VAT of tomorrow, such as VAT in the Digital Age (VIDA) and the new reporting obligations for PSPs.

  15. New Appointments

    Pamela Mamo and Mark Tabone were appointed as Directors within PwC’s Academy and Advisory lines of service, respectively, and Etienne Bonnici as Chief Technology Officer.

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This year, we've faced challenges like high inflation, rising interest rates and geopolitical turbulence, but remained steady and stood strong. We hold ourselves accountable for fostering a culture of quality across the firm while assessing ourselves against exceptionally high standards.

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We believe that our people are the driving force behind our success. Our practice continues to grow and develop to better face the new challenges brought about by economic, fiscal and regulatory developments that impact both our services and our clients’ needs.

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Many businesses are actively assessing how developments in technology and the increased focus on ESG will influence their operations in the coming years. We are here to aid them in overcoming any challenge through our high-quality services while also promoting faster and more informed decisions.

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Digital Services

The past year has been a defining moment for our firm where we took our ambitions to new heights with the formal set-up of PwC Digital Services Malta Limited, intending to propel our firm to the forefront of the latest technological innovations. Our mission is straightforward: to assist our clients in achieving sustained business outcomes by delivering comprehensive expertise and serving as their partner throughout their entire digital journey.

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Human Capital Partner, Lisa Pullicino

Message from our Human Capital Partner, Lisa Pullicino

Lisa Pullicino, Human Capital Partner, takes us through the initiatives, projects and campaigns made for our People.

“We believe that our success is a result of our People. They are the backbone of our journey to build trust, solve important problems and deliver sustained outcomes. Our commitment to employ, retain and support our multidisciplinary and diverse talent is underpinned by our numerous initiatives undertaken during FY23, which reflects how our people agenda remains a top priority”

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Our people stories

Meet Gaetano Gesualdi

“The formula for finding an equilibrium between work and personal life is not the same for everyone. It’s about creating a synergy that resonates with one’s unique life, career, values and goals.”

Gaetano Gesualdi

For the past 4 years, I have formed part of the Assurance practice within the Banking and Capital Markets team. Our team specialises in advisory engagements of credit institutions on regulatory matters, risk management and business planning with a particular focus on capital management for banks. I also play semi-professional football with Żebbuġ Rangers, who compete in the second tier of Maltese football.

Although my commitments to both work and football can be quite substantial, I feel that having an equilibrium between the two is crucial for my overall wellbeing. This equilibrium has been a collective effort between me and the leaders within both my teams on things such as setting boundaries, prioritising tasks and ensuring I allocate sufficient time to both my work and football commitments.

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Diversity & inclusion

female staff complement
female managers at PwC

Age Demographics
The average age of the firm is 28 and the average age of the Managers at PwC Malta is 36.

Nationalities at PwC Malta in 2023
Our people stories

Meet Myra Bonello

“I ensure that each day is not just about productivity but about high performance in all its facets; personal growth, connection, and the pursuit of fulfilment.”

Myra Bonello

I am an HR professional working directly with our Tax & Legal Services function. I have a deep passion for coaching, a background in business psychology and a genuine love for the intricacies of human behaviour. I'm dedicated to helping people thrive within the dynamic environment of the corporate world, which in turn helps our organisation thrive.

I believe in embedding wellbeing in my daily life and do that through my love for sports. Rugby 7s and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu have become my energy outlets, keeping me physically and mentally robust. I also find that the daily practice of finding silent time at home is my anchor, a ritual of self-care and introspection which helps me reset and refocus.

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The past year showed us what future awaits us through inaction: the hottest three-month period in recorded history, unprecedented sea surface temperatures and a significant decline in Arctic sea ice coverage. The government, business community and the general public need to come together to face these challenges and create the change Malta needs. Our aim as PwC is clear: to help all stakeholders craft a sustainable future together.

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Risk Partner, Lucienne Pace Ross

Message from our Risk Partner, Lucienne Pace Ross

Lucienne Pace Ross, Risk Partner, elaborates on the challenges present during the year and what actions were taken to appropriately address risk in such a constantly evolving world.

“This year has been another one of disruption with geopolitical uncertainty, economic challenges and technological advancements. We have continued to invest heavily in our approach to risk management and continue encouraging a speak-up culture if anything is inconsistent with our Code of Ethics, a common framework around how we are expected to behave, do business and do the right thing”

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Environment & Net Zero

The urgency for a net zero transition is crystal clear and requires a collective effort. While the local challenges are numerous, our mission is not only to aid our clients in navigating the complex path towards a more sustainable future but also to lead by example.

Only through setting clear targets, creating actionable plans that achieve real results, and collaborating with other organisations in the broader ecosystem can we all progress towards a more equitable society. In line with our purpose, we have made a worldwide commitment to achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with near-term science-based targets set for 2030.

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Impact on Society

Every decision, every day is a step on the journey towards a sustainable future. Our Core Values guide the way we interact with and make a positive impact on our community - acting with integrity and care we work together to make a difference. We feel it’s our responsibility to make sure we leave the world better than we found it.

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility Programme we use our skills, voices and connections to continue supporting initiatives and worthy causes. This is done through donations, pro-bono professional services as well as our Giving Back initiative where we allow our people to use 8 hours of their time to support an organisation of their choice.



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