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Dedicated events for business and HR leaders
Everything we know about employment is changing. The fast-paced developments in technology have revolutionised the ways we work. Economic growth, demographic and social forces and the changing expectations of our workforce are causing massive disruption to organisations of all sizes. In order for organisations to capitalise on tomorrow’s opportunities, leaders must be innovative in their people management approach and effectively manage key talent that cannot be replaced by technology. Understanding the different dynamics of the future world of work will enable leaders to be proactive in adapting to a world of digitalisation. These challenges have already started affecting organisations, so now is the time to act!

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Navigating Change

June 2019

The PwC VAT Conference 2019

An essential conference for those who wish to remain up to date with the changes in this legislative sphere.

Diarise this date for a full day VAT Conference with our PwC VAT experts as well as local and foreign guest speakers who are planning to present a wide range of VAT related topics and how these will impact your business including:

  • Changes in the digital commerce industry
  • Relevant recent CJEU Cases
  • VAT Grouping and its implications
  • Updates in the local VAT scene

Agenda and full event details coming out soon ...

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