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Year after year, PwC Malta hosts a variety of events aimed at sharing industry expertise that keeps you and your businesses top of the game. 

Through these events, you get to connect with our in-house experts who share their knowledge to help you better face recent developments that can impact you and your career. Our focus, experience and expertise is varied and addresses a variety of hot topics such as technology, digital transformation, accounting, specialised tax, regulatory and more.

If you are interested in learning more about what plans we have up our sleeves, make sure to watch this space. 

Upcoming events

Tax Conference 2024

21 June 2024

PwC Malta's biennial Tax Conference is back once again. The full-day conference will be packed with sessions and discussions led by the firm's subject-matter experts and will delve into the most important and topical areas in both the local and international tax spheres.

PwC Tech Week 2024

PwC Malta's second edition of Tech Week hosted a series of events focused on the transformative power of AI and the importance of trust in the digital landscape. The highlight was the Intelligent Digital Conference, which brought together industry leaders to discuss the impact of AI on organisations. The conference featured notable speakers and showcased solutions from PwC Malta's technology alliance partners. Attendees also had the opportunity to explore the PwC Digital Services mini expo, which highlighted various digital solutions and innovations provided by the firm.

Tech Week 2024

The 2024 Tech Week also included a panel discussion in collaboration with The Malta Chamber, a LinkedIn Live session which furthered the discussion on AI and Trust, and the launch of the Hackathon in collaboration with MCAST.

Tech Week 2024

The PwC VAT Conference 2023

The PwC VAT Conference 2023, held on Friday, 2 June, was a highly successful event that focused on the future of VAT. The conference touched on a variety of relevant topics that have significant implications for businesses in both local and international contexts. 


The conference acted as a platform for industry experts to share and discuss valuable insights on key VAT-related topics allowing businesses to stay up-to-date and adapt to the ever-evolving VAT landscape.


The ABC of VAT

The PwC Academy course, ABC of VAT is wrapped up into eight 2-hour sessions focused solely on understanding VAT. Seven sessions were held online, while the final session was held physically at The Hub.

The main elements explored through this course revolved predominantly around understanding VAT legislations and determining the VAT treatment of different transactions. This with the scope of strengthening both individual as well as business VAT knowledge and ensuring necessary compliance.

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