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Why is upskilling and reskilling crucial for talent management?

Upskilling and reskilling need to be managed well and, in general, the talent management framework is a good place where such initiatives should land. COVID-19 has catapulted the role of technology in the field of talent management a decade sooner than we expected. In fact, one of the primary reasons why companies are failing at reskilling is due to the fact that they lack a sound strategy and training technologies to assist them with this. A talent management platform or learning management platform is vital to ensure that the skills in your company’s competency framework are in check. On the other hand, your platform is pivotal to ensuring that you are providing the right mix of learning resources (synchronous and asynchronous) to achieve knowledge and competency in those skills.

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Redefining a post-pandemic world icons

Redefining a post-pandemic world

A four-part article series where PwC Malta’s People & Organisation team explore the journey of redefining work as we move closer towards a post-pandemic world. Each part of the series will focus on a different aspect of this redefinition in the workplace: leadership, the world of work, the workforce and wellbeing.

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Redefining a post-pandemic world icons

How the new normal is shaping the future of HR

The COVID-19 pandemic shook global economies and organisations alike, quickly reshaping working practices and employment markets across the globe. Malta was no exception. Local organisations continue to tackle the emerging challenges of the pandemic while ensuring their businesses remain sustainable in the long-term. With organisations now on the cusp of recovery, the role of HR is becoming even more crucial. Although, the questions are endless when it comes to envisioning the impact and role of HR post-COVID-19, the future of HR will likely take centre stage by redefining the organisation, driving people transformation and enabling change.
CEO survey

The upskilling imperative for financial services firms

CEOs at financial services firms face a dilemma. Because the industry is changing rapidly, they must build the right skills for their organisation to continue to compete in the future. Yet doing so requires making investments that won’t generate a return for several years. In the meantime, they face relentless pressure to hit short-term financial targets.



CEO survey

HR Pulse Survey 2020

Impact of COVID-19 on the workforce and HR functions

This year’s Survey sheds light on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted HR functions and the workforce in Malta. The survey highlights how the HR life cycle is evolving in light of recent events and how organisations are addressing their challenges and preparing for the future.



HR Pulse Survey 2020

The Covid-19 Remote Working Experiment

We are sharing the insights we collected on the remote working experience of over 850 workers in Malta to understand whether and how this could be a sustainable way of working in the long term. Download our publication below to discover more!

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Covid-19 Remote Working Experiment

COVID-19 Workforce Challenges & Tips

The impact of COVID-19 is causing businesses concern about their workforce. Every business and industry sector is being impacted differently.

Read PwC Malta's tips on how one can support employees through remote working and how to ensure business continuity.


HR Pulse Survey 2019

The fifth edition of our HR Pulse Survey is out! This initiative is carried out by PwC Malta and the Foundation for Human Resources Development (FHRD). It aims to gather thoughts and views of Malta’s HR and business leaders on the key HR challenges organisations are facing, as well as priorities for people management in the year ahead. This year’s survey focussed on the HR Transformation and the reshaping of the role of the HR function in the future world of work.

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Preparing for tomorrow, today

While the majority of businesses recognise which capabilities are important for their future success, many are failing to take the actions needed today to build or even introduce them into their organisations. These actions include using data analytics to make workforce decisions and creating a compelling work experience for employees.


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The need for a cultural shift in organisations

Organisational culture plays an optimal role in creating the right people experience and maximising organisational performance. 72% of C-suite and board members agree that organisational culture significantly influences a prospective employee when choosing an organisation to work for. However, despite the recognised importance of culture, PWC’s Katzenbach Center Global Culture Survey 2018 finds that 80% of respondents believe their organisation’s culture needs to evolve in the next five years if the organisation plans to grow and retain talent. 


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