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Read our Annual Review, learn more about doing business in Malta, discover our approach to corporate responsibility, our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and more.

“We are privileged to be part of a network of member firms operating in 156 countries. The PwC network employs more than 295,000 people carrying out an extensive range of services. Across the world, our firms engage specialists in areas ranging from financial reporting to social policies, from cyber security to corporate ethics, from banking regulation to environmental sustainability, and much more.

Being part of this Network allows us to carry many of these skills locally, and to access best practices from across the globe. The primary reason why we need such diverse skills is because our clients ask for them and we believe that having a wide variety of skills and expertise available results in better work and a better service for our clients and stakeholders.”

David Valenzia, Territory Senior Partner of PwC Malta


david valenzia
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