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Disruption - the only constant in today’s worldwide manufacturing environment.

Supply chain challenges, market interferences by new tech-based entrants, and as well disruption due to efforts in the transition to net zero. These challenges come with the opportunity for industry players to innovate. 

In order for industry players, including locals, to stay competitive, they need to integrate new business models and pro-actively invest in new technologies to accelerate and adapt. All while addressing critical risk, tax, audit, assurance and strategy consulting issues across the globe. 

PwC’s community of solvers collaborates with manufacturers to help tackle today’s challenges. Finding new ways to create value and opportunities for sustained growth.


As with all other industries, Sustainability is one of the hottest topics of discussion for organisations and businesses in the manufacturing industry. Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) initiatives help an organisation in multiple ways. The most obvious and evident benefit is in regards to costs and fiscal business impacts.

Incorporating ESG into an organisation’s business strategy, though, also brings about other less evident benefits. PwC Germany Consulting Partner, Michael Thon, joins one of our Advisory Senior Managers, Eric MacKay, to share some insight into what these benefits are.

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Supply Chain

Another highly talked about topic within the manufacturing industry is supply chain, its resilience and how to leverage it.

Having a resilient supply chain is one of the goals of every business in the manufacturing industry. Those that are investing in digitalisation are finding that the two are linked and work hand-in-hand. The past few years have been a rather trying period for so many businesses and organisations across many different industries.


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The companies who have a competitive advantage over their competition are those who can change those challenges into opportunities. PwC Germany Consulting Manager, Christoph Schein, joins one of our Assurance Senior Managers, David Gafa, as they talk about how these opportunities can be leveraged in a company’s supply chain.

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Business incentives opportunities

The manufacturing sector is one of the main pillars of the Maltese economy. In fact, the entities operating in this sector employ a significant segment of Malta’s workforce and are one of the main contributors to the Maltese GDP.

Over the years, Maltese incentive legislation together with EU funding has included a wide range of fiscal incentives and cash grants aimed at promoting economic activity and attracting foreign direct investment to Malta. 

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Manufactaring, Business incentives opportunities

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Our team of professionals in our advisory, accounting, audit and tax departments can help you create value for your business and develop solutions to face your challenges, with the support of our international network. We also cover additional areas such as data analytics, internal audit and governance.


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