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Today, more than ever, businesses need to manage emerging sustainability risks, identify new opportunities within the market, communicate with stakeholders to build trust, and make better informed decisions that go beyond traditional approaches. Our sustainability practice can help your organisation to plan, source, deliver, finance and measure your wider impact.

Spotlight on the local context 

Malta has launched its first National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) to 2030 which focuses on the five following areas: decarbonisation, energy efficiency, energy security, internal energy market, and research, innovation and competitiveness. It aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Reducing the country’s GHG emissions by 19% below its 2005 emissions;
  • Producing 42% of RES from solar panels by 2030;
  • Diversifying energy sources and reducing energy import dependency;
  • Ensuring competitive electricity prices for households, commercial and industrial sectors; and
  • Developing a National Strategy for Research & Innovation in Energy and Water.

In this context, our PwC’s sustainability practice is helping businesses by making them more resilient and sustainable.

Farmer at work

Our clients challenges

Today more than ever, our clients need to:

  • Manage sustainability risks and opportunities within organisations and across value chains.
  • Communicate and build trust by understanding, managing and reporting social and environmental impacts.

  • Making better-informed decisions to create value and move beyond traditional approaches.

Clients challenges

How we can help

We can help you address these challenges and create value by:


Creating the strategy and business case to help clients be sustainability driven.

strategy and business cases


Understanding impacts and working with clients to quantify these to better inform their decisions.

Measuring and understanding


Adapting clients’ structures, policies, processes or systems to help them achieve purpose and business goals.

strategy and business cases


Assisting clients with reporting non-financial information to meet stakeholder needs. 


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Assuring non-financial data and information to help clients gain stakeholders’ trust.


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What we’ve done so far

We’ve been working with many organisations to help them embark on their sustainability journey:

Malta airport


Since 2016 we've been assisting Malta International Airport with the compilation of their Sustainability Report and have provided assurance on a large number of key performance indicators relating to various environmental, social and economic matters.

Using Public Transport


Since 2018 we've been assisting a large local transport operator with reporting a number of environmental and social information, providing limited assurance in this regard.


strategy and business cases

Other entities

We've assisted other listed entities with understanding the impact of Directive 2014/94/EU on the mandatory disclosure of material non-financial information and assisted them in the compilation of information to be disclosed.




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Let's change the way we see risk

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