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Registering for PwC's student programmes gives you access to a range of benefits, including a competitive compensation package, flexible work arrangements, and a supportive work environment that values your personal and professional growth.

You will be given on-the-job training, classroom-based training, and eLearn modules to help you build the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your career. Our training programmes are designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our business, our clients, and the different industries we service, while also helping you develop the technical and professional skills you need to succeed.

In addition to training, PwC offers a diverse range of interesting projects and clients you will have the opportunity to work on. This exposure will provide you with valuable insights into the business world, and help you develop a broad range of skills and experience that will be useful throughout your career.

Attractive Opportunities


At PwC, we understand that as a student, your top priority should be your studies. That's why we offer a flexible work environment that enables you to strike a balance between studying and working. We believe that by accommodating your schedule and supporting your education, we can help you achieve your goals and thrive both in your studies and in your career.

We sit down with our students to create a schedule that suits their needs, allowing them to prioritise their studies while also gaining valuable work experience. We understand that students may have different timetables depending on the time of year. We will work with you to ensure that your work commitments do not interfere with your academic responsibilities.

Moreover, this same approach is taken during exam periods. We recognise the need for focus and study time and we ensure that sufficient time off is provided. We encourage our students to communicate their needs to us so that we can provide the necessary support and flexibility to help them succeed.

Attractive Opportunities

Buddy Systems

As a student working with PwC, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on work experience in your field of study. PwC provides a supportive yet challenging environment that allows students to apply their academic knowledge to real-world scenarios, while also gaining new skills and insights from experienced professionals. Through this practical experience, you will gain a competitive edge and be better prepared to tackle the challenges of your future career.

In addition to gaining work experience, PwC offers a unique 'buddy system' to support students throughout their time with the firm. You will be paired with someone who will act as your mentor and guide. This person will help you navigate your role, answer your questions, provide feedback and assist you in developing your skills. They will also help you network with other professionals within the firm, allowing you to build valuable connections.

Attractive Opportunities

Fun events & teamwork

At PwC, we believe that being a part of our student programmes is more than just gaining work experience. It's an opportunity to build meaningful relationships, develop your career, and have some fun along the way! PwC is known for its vibrant and inclusive culture, and we organise a wide range of events and activities throughout the year to foster a sense of community among our employees. As a student, you will be invited  to a variety of social events and team-building activities, such as treasure hunts, quiz nights, karaoke events, summer parties, and the Christmas conference. These events are designed to help you build relationships with your colleagues, explore new interests, and have some fun outside of work.

Attractive Opportunities

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I want to study ACCA or I am studying ACCA.


I am studying accounting and I am looking for hands on work experience during the summer months.


I am studying computing and/or IT subjects and I am looking for hands on work experience in the summer months.

Finance, Economics and Business

I am studying Finance, Economics and Business and I am looking for hands on work experience in the summer months.


I would like to become an actuary and I am looking for hands on work experience.


I am currently a student and I would like to develop my career in consulting and I am looking for hands on work experience.


I am studying Law at the University of Malta and I am looking for hands on work experience.

MCAST Apprenticeships & Internships

I am reading for an advanced diploma or degree at MCAST and I am looking for hands on work experience.

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