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our people

At PwC, our people remain our most valued resource and they are consistently the cornerstone of our accomplishments. By creating an environment where innovation thrives and where each individual's contribution matters, we remain focused on having a diverse workforce that is engaged and is constantly growing, developing and adapting to the current dynamic economic and business climate. 

In the past year, we have made and will continue to make an extraordinary investment in our workforce, with specific emphasis on recruiting specialised talent across all facets of our business and by committing to expand our efforts in employee retention, support and wellbeing. We continue to prepare and empower our people to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Extended staff complement as at 30 June 2023

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In an ever-changing and dynamic environment, our most significant challenge, like that of many businesses, continues to be that of attracting quality resources and retaining the talent we need to give quality service to our clients.

In the face of this challenge we have driven, and continue to drive a strategy around 3 key priorities:

Enabling our workforce for today and tomorrow

Over the past months, we have worked hard to create an unparalleled people experience. Starting with our focus to remain an employer of choice, to our efforts to retain the talent that enables us to deliver quality engagements, without losing sight of the balance that our workforce requires, between leading a successful professional career and their personal lives - Empowering our workforce with a sense of autonomy and control over their tasks has also been central to our agenda.

We have worked on this commitment by:

  • Actively engaging with our people during focus groups, analysing and taking action on the results of our annual Global People Survey and pulse surveys, thus fostering continuous dialogue;
  • Realistically promoting ‘Life at PwC’ and therefore our employer brand through social media, employee testimonials, and cohesive messaging;
  • Adapting policies that suit the ever-evolving employment landscape;
  • Improving our onboarding programme to ensure new joiners are aware of the value they bring to the firm;
  • Ensuring that our reward and recognition programme remains relevant and competitive.

We remained dedicated to nurturing a versatile workforce, allowing our teams to tackle complex, strategic work by providing upskilling opportunities and talent mobility initiatives. Automation and data insights continue to empower us to stay agile, ensuring we are always in tune with our workforce's needs - this aspect remained a key area of focus throughout this year.

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Creating a resilient foundation for change

Supporting the "Be well, Work well" PwC Campaign is at the core of our wellbeing focus. Our commitment extends to various wellness initiatives that encompass nutrition, fitness, mental health, and financial wellbeing. In doing so, we are fostering a holistic environment that addresses physical, emotional and mental safety as well as social wellbeing. Monthly interactions, workshops, and engagement activities are avenues for connecting with our team's wellbeing needs.

We are harnessing the power of network-wide tools such as Workday to enhance the employee experience - we do this because we believe that data-driven decision-making should be our compass. By embracing these tools, we unlock the potential for more efficient and strategic decision-making, making us a forward-thinking, people-centric Firm.

Our Employee Assistance Programme is a confidential and voluntary support service provided by Paths Clinic that helps our people find solutions to all kinds of challenges at any stage of life. The programme is offered to our people at no cost and is completely confidential. Following the success and take-up of the last 3 years, we are committed to continue to offer this service for the foreseeable future.

We recognise that wellbeing is personal to an individual - which is why we believe in offering a range of wellbeing options to support our people. In recognition of this, we have this year, rolled out a new offering to our employees - a subsidised one-on-one nutritional programme. This programme aims to provide guidance and share nutritional insights tailored to the specific nutritional needs of the individual who is embarking on this journey and helps them track their progress. We firmly believe that the quality of what we consume directly influences our energy levels, cognitive performance and overall sense of wellbeing.

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Developing inclusive leaders for a shifting world

Our people strategy includes a clear focus on developing leaders who embody agility, inclusivity and diversity at every level. We have introduced the Evolved PwC Professional framework to all our people irrespective of their grade and role because we believe that this will enable us to develop and deliver quality to our clients within the communities in which we serve. It is a leadership framework that drives our ambition for what a better tomorrow could look like. This framework has been embedded into our newly launched Leadership Journey Programme to nurture well-rounded, transformational leaders at all levels of the firm.

Our focus has always been on fostering inclusion in our unique cultural context and celebrating the diverse nationalities within our teams. The Diversity & Inclusion Committee's strategic actions, with targeted goals for gender, nationality, and sexuality, reflect our commitment to enhancing inclusivity.

Digital upskilling remains paramount, and we are working on identifying opportunities that facilitate growth. Our support extends to all Lines of Service (LoS) by developing tailored upskilling programmes based on industry, grade, and critical roles. This strategic approach ensures our workforce is adequately prepared to navigate the digital landscape with agility.

As we move forward our mission remains steadfast: to empower our people for a brighter future. We commit to continue investing in our talent, to enhance our retention efforts and to provide the support needed by our workforce. Our leadership framework and our upskilling initiatives are propelling us towards a future where our people are prepared to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and agility. We recognise that although our past efforts have been significant, there is always more that we can do. We therefore look forward to building on these foundations and strive to achieve more for and with our people.

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