The Hub

A space to experience, learn & innovate

The Hub is a dedicated space where users can Experience, Learn and Innovate

It has been designed purposely around the innovation eco-system and has two concurrent architectural concepts – a contemporary learning space for PwC’s Academy and a collaborative space to innovate with PwC’s clients.

The 2,000 square metre premises spread over 4 floors goes beyond facilitating traditional sharing of knowledge in a classroom style. It lends itself to provide collaborative and creative zones that nurture innovative thinking, an executive area that focuses on re-imagining the future of business; learning zones that encourage sharing of experiences and best practices, and an experience hub that embeds the dynamism and agility required in today’s changing world.

The Hub houses PwC’s Academy which today, offers blended learning solutions tailored for clients’ needs in areas of Business and IT. The centre, which brings to life, concepts related to transformation, creativity, design thinking and innovation, also enables clients to reach out to PwC to co-create strategy, to stimulate business innovation and to resolve complex issues.

What’s happening @ The Hub

Developing through learning at PwC’s Academy

Our Academy recognises that instructor-led training is a passive way to educate and that to disrupt the way our workforce works, we must educate using alternative methodologies. The Hub facilitates a unique learning experience for a wide variety of people, ranging from students seeking a qualification, to start ups, to C-suite clients and corporates, all of whom choose our Academy to meet PwC’s specialists and trainers, all experts in their respective fields.  Clients reach out to our Academy experts to share their best practices and experiences and to avail themselves of an Academy which today offers blended learning solutions tailored for their specific needs in a wide spectrum of areas.

Malta prides itself of a skilled workforce with a good level of education across a variety of disciplines, yet we all acknowledge that we cannot stay still.  We need to keep up with an ever-changing economy and dynamic, fast-paced industries in a digitally enabled era. The Academy aims to respond to these skills gaps by offering learning solutions tailored for clients’ needs in areas of business and finance, skills development, information technology as well as business innovation and creative thinking processes.

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A space for our experts to catalyse innovation with our clients

When we look into the future, we see disruption, we see collisions, we see transformation, but most of all we see opportunities.  We want clients to use the Hub as a space to experience what the future industry might look like, who their competitors could be, what their customers might want and what the winning business models will be. And we would like to co-create the future with them by revolutionizing the way they work with people, processes and technology. Here they can explore how their new thinking can be put in practice through analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain or even shaping their concepts through 3D design.

PwC's approach to innovation is based on a Business, eXperience and technology (BXT) method. This method brings together elements of design thinking and agile to deliver ideas to results. Through a design thinking approach attendees have the opportunity to learn, collaborate and solve real life issues currently being faced with. PwC adopts a structured framework approach for identifying challenges, gathering information, generating solutions, refining ideas and testing solutions.

Typical events in the areas of creative thinking and innovation include:

- Design thinking innovation sprints specific by industry
- Creating a culture for innovation within organisations
- Innovation Hackathons

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An environment where clients can hold their corporate events and organise teambuilding days

The events team at the Hub, works hand in hand with our clients to organise an agenda tailored to the needs of the organisation. Whether it is an international meeting, a conference, a managers’ gathering, the Hub events team will not only contribute to the necessary logistical support but also to bring in creativity and an experiential learning experience that our clients seek to make their event memorable. The events team also offer a range of original indoor activities to stimulate our clients’ teams both physically and mentally.

All of our events are designed to promote teamwork and encourage team dynamics and incorporate elements of the clients’ visions and goals, motivational talks, coaching as well as creativity and innovation sprints.

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Facilities @ The Hub

Physical Space

Spaces and capacity

Spanning over 4 floors, the facilities within The Hub are extensive, varied and flexible allowing different activities and room layouts to be set up in a way that meets the requirements of the audience and learning methodologies.

The Hub offers a unique space that goes beyong facilitating traditional sharing of knowledge in a classroom style. It lends itself to provide:

  • A collaborative space and a creativity hub that nurture innovative thinking and provide a space where one can hold team building activities
  • An executive area which consists of 1 boardroom (12 pax) and 3 one-to-one coaching rooms that focuses on re-imagining the future of business
  • 3 learning zones with a total of 6 training rooms of varying sizes (ranging from 40 to 80 pax in a classroom style), 2 IT labs (seat 15 pax each) and a computer exam room (seating 12 pax) that encourage sharing of experiences and best practices
  • A multi-media Auditorium (seating 24 pax) which is conducive to experiental learning
  • An experience floor that provides conference facilities for up to 200 pax by embedding the dynamism and agility required in today's changing world

Audio-visual setup

Each training room and learning space within The Hub is setup with latest technology audio-visual equipment and includes:

  • HD projectors
  • LED screens
  • Amplification and microphones in all rooms
  • A mobile interactive screen is available for use
  • Conference facilities equipped with audio/visual amenities that provide all delegates with a consistent

Setup and course requirements

Our training rooms are equipped with chairs and tables for all participants and are designed to ensure visibility and maximum comfort - both ley factors and conducive to participants receiving a positive learning experience.

The setup of these rooms is varied depending on the need – from classroom style to round tables. Each room is equipped with flipcharts, a white board, and some with erasable walls.

Coffee breaks and catering

The Hub offers an extensive range of catering offerings to meet the varied needs of our clients. These services range from breakfast to light working lunches and buffet lunches, as well as coffee breaks.

We propose to organize the welcome coffee and coffee breaks in the designated coffee spot areas that are available on every floor of The Hub. The vicinity of the coffee spots to the learning zones is intended to ensure that breaks are held in close proximity to the training and coaching rooms.

Vending machines are also available on the ground floor.

The Hub goes digital

In 2019, PwC’s Academy launched its Learning Management System, a service which offers a more digital and blended learning solution to training. 


How can we assist you with Customer experience? 

At the center of our BXT methodology is your customer.

Consumer behaviour has changed fundamentally in just a few years. Mobile technology and social media allows customers to carry out research, make purchases and interact with your company anywhere, anytime, on their terms. These new empowered customers are engaged, informed and wield considerable power online. So customer experience has never been more important.

But customer experience doesn’t just mean the design of an ecommerce checkout, or physical in-store experience. It extends to every part of your business, from marketing and sales, through to customer retention, finance and procurement. That’s why our approach to customer experience management is focused on your business objectives and uses all of PwC’s expertise to help you deliver the experiences customers demand.

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