Our IFRS publications address the following commonly asked questions: Briefly, what are the requirements of IFRS? What does changing to IFRS involve? How does IFRS compare to other accounting frameworks? What do IFRS financial statements look like? Where can I get advice on applying and interpreting IFRS?


IFRS publications

IFRS17: In Transition

A practical guide to new IFRSs for 2014

Illustrative IFRS financial statements 2013 - Private equity

A practical guide to general hedge accounting

A practical guide to understanding the disclosure requirements in IFRS 12

Illustrative IFRS consolidated financial statements 2013 - Investment property


Illustrative financial statements and disclosure checklist

Illustrative financial statements for corporate entities, banks, insurance entities, investment property, investment funds and private equity; and PricewaterhouseCoopers' IFRS disclosure checklist


IFRS practical guides



IFRS newsletters


IFRS for small and medium-sized entities


Similarities and differences: Comparisons of local GAAP and IFRS

This is a selection of the most recent comparison publications. Click the link for the full listing of the publications.


Industry IFRS publications


Other IFRS publications


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