Value Creation

Unlocking new ways to create value is crucial

Whether your organisation is exploring to invest in expanding its operations in its existing or a new industry, evaluating the commercial attractiveness and potential risks of a deal or contemplating a strategic business restructuring, the fundamental goal is to create value. Our value-focused strategy professionals, have a unique blend of deals investment and strategy consulting experience, who can support you to execute on these complex strategic investment decisions.

Equity value, value preservation, stable starting value, strategic repositioning, performance improvement, asset optimisation, multiple impact & purpose, full potential value

Value Creation enhances the company’s value through operations improvement.

Why Value Creation?

Value creation, investing to grow
Investing to grow

Available dry powder and a healthy balance sheet could be leveraged upon to acquire promising businesses with the aim of fuelling growth.

Value creation, divesting and optimising
Divesting and optimising

Primary focus to improve core business while disposing anything that no longer is a perfect fit with the long-term strategy.

Value creation, doing more with what you have, for more efficient operations, cross-selling
Doing more with what you have

Identifying those areas from which more value could be generated, whether through more efficient operations, maximising potential of cross-selling or encouraging greater innovation.

Create a clear value creation approach

Identifying areas for improvement through metric analysis

Pre-process improvement and identification of subject’s existing value based on most prevalent valuation approach

Assessing Value Chain, Supply Chain Management, Spend Analysis and IT Support amongst others

Quantification of value creation following identification and resolving of existing ‘pain points’

for shareholders

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