Malta Annual Review 2022 A Year of
Solving Together

PwC Malta's Teritory Senior Partner, David Valenzia

Introduction by our Territory Senior Partner, David Valenzia

Territory Senior Partner, David Valenzia welcomes us to the 2022 Annual Review and presents the firm-related initiatives over the past year.

“In a year that has seen such rapid change, and numerous challenges locally and globally, I’m so proud of the work that our talented group of partners, directors and staff has delivered to support our clients and to make positive contributions to the society we all share.”

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Explore our Key Performance Indicators
as at 30 June 2022
female staff complement
firmwide training hours during the year
cash contributions and hours dedicated to professional bodies and philanthropic activities
reduction in Scope 2 emissions

Clients and Markets Leader, David Ferry

Message from our Clients & Markets Leader, David Ferry

Clients & Markets Leader, David Ferry explains how, despite all the challenges the last year brought, our people managed to live the New Equation’s values of building trust and delivering sustained outcomes.

“Our actions centred around bringing to life our global strategy, The New Equation. Investing in our people and diversifying our community of solvers to bring human ingenuity, underpinned by passion & experience, paired with the right technology to deliver sustainable outcomes.”

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Businesses have always had to evolve and adapt to remain competitive. During the past year, our local practice has continued to invest aggressively in our Digital Services offerings, underpinned by PwC’s The New Equation global strategy, to help our clients in building trust and achieve sustained business outcomes.
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The past two years have challenged all organisations and companies worldwide. We continue to focus on building trust in the transparency, objectivity and effectiveness of our audit work.
Technology and innovation remain critical. We have continued to invest heavily in process automation so our people can focus more on delivering high-quality service, delivering sustained outcomes and building trust.
Our clients must meet stakeholder expectations on many issues. We continue to aid them in responding to these through our high-quality services while promoting faster and more informed decisions.
  1. What happened this year?

    From firm announcements and official collaborations to CSR, Diversity, and social events and initiatives, FY22 was jam packed with activities and initiatives. Explore our timeline to learn about what we’ve been up to.

  2. Trend Talks

    The official launch of our own podcast series, Trend Talks, in which through our conversations with various experts, we share our search for solutions; to uncover, untangle & understand the world of business. Explore Trend Talks Season 1 and Season 2.

  3. One Year Anniversary with KSU

    We celebrated our 1 year anniversary sponsoring the KSU and other student organisations such as ASCS, KSJC and S-Cubed, solidifying our commitment to the incredible potential that lies within the thousands of students.

  4. Sports Day

    One of our most popular sports event was held after a one-year gap due to COVID-19. Events such as our Sports Day not only act as a reminder to prioritise wellbeing, but are an opportunity for all our people to come together and have fun.

  5. Giving Back Initiative

    Our Giving Back initative, during which all our people are invited to participate in a number of CSR initiatives supporting heritage sites, assisting animal sanctuaries, social support initiatives and blood donation, ran for the second time and was organised during office hours on a voluntary basis.

  6. Appointment of New Partners

    Edward Attard and Norbert Vella appointed as new Partners from 1 January 2022.

  7. The PwC Award

    Maria Borg (TLS), Matthew Paul Cutajar (Advisory), Petra Gatt (IFS) and Paul Toledo (Assurance) won The PwC Award during our Annual Conference, celebrating them as PwC Professionals.

  8. Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

    We launched our new Diversity Strategy, put in place to bring a diversity and inclusion mindset into focus whilst driving tangible action.

  9. Walk With Us Challenge

    Our second round of the Walk With Us fitness challenge between different teams across PwC, who competed to achieve a whopping 35 million steps over a span of a month!

  10. One year of Short Reads

    Celebrating one year of Short Reads, our communication platform with clients and subscribers, containing a condensed list of our latest insights sent every 3 weeks, with 20+ editions and over 150 Thought Leadership pieces.

  11. Tax Conference

    Our biannual Tax Conference, a full day client event discussing interesting topics unveiled by our team of tax experts together with guest speakers, happened in 2022, tackling the challenges of doing business in an ever more sophisticated tax environment.

  12. Announcement of New Directors

    Sandra Camilleri and Konrad Borg announced as our two new Assurance Directors.

  13. One Year of Solving Together

    Celebrating the one year anniversary from the launch of our new Global Strategy, The New Equation, a future that is human-led and tech-powered.

Human Capital Partner, Lisa Pullicino

Message from our Human Capital Partner, Lisa Pullicino

Human Capital Partner, Lisa Pullicino guides us through the initiatives, projects and campaigns made for the most important part of our firm … our People.

“This year, we made an unprecedented investment in our people. We focused on recruiting specific expertise in all areas of our business and on retention, care and wellbeing initiatives for our people.”

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Diversity and inclusion

Visit our diversity page for a more details.


female staff compliment

male staff compliment

of females in our managerial grades


average age at the firm

average age of Manager grade & above


of our staff complement are expats

different nationalities

The world is going through a technological revolution, with technology replacing human tasks and changing the skills organisations need. These skills do not only include digital skills but also socio-emotional skills such as resilience, creative thinking and problem-solving.
Risk Partner, Lucienne Pace Ross

Message from our Risk Partner, Lucienne Pace Ross

Risk Partner, Lucienne Pace Ross, delves into the challenges and actions taken to appropriately address risk in such a constantly evolving environment.

“As the needs and expectations of our stakeholders change, we are continually reviewing and updating the scale, scope and operations of our quality management systems and investing in programmes to enhance the quality of the services that we provide.”

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Awareness is growing about the need to care for our environment and the people who live in it and do more to make sure our past mistakes aren’t a part of our future. On issues from climate change to diversity, expectations are growing for businesses to be part of the solution. This is why organisations’ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices are more important than ever.



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