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Malta Annual Review 2022

Our people are our most important asset and were, and always will be, at the heart of everything we were able to achieve over the past months. This year, we made an unprecedented investment in our people, putting a strong focus on recruiting specific expertise in all areas of our business while extending retention, care and wellbeing initiatives to all our workforce.

Extended staff complement as at 30 June 2022

Total number of employees - 612

Including students, trainees and interns - Around 850 people


Be Well, Work Well


Be Well, Work Well is PwC’s investment in wellbeing. It is propelled by a simple goal: helping our people perform at their best - at work, at home and everywhere in between. This is a key component of our people strategy which is especially necessary given the pace and complex change we are experiencing. We are committed to working towards putting wellbeing first, recognising that it is critical for innovation and delivering at our best. It is encouraged by instilling everyday habits that fuel our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing through the PwC Habit Bank, providing inspiration and a means to create well-being behaviors by sharing ideas on how to turn rituals into simple, everyday, habits.

Employee Assistance Programme

Our Employee Assistance Programme is a confidential and voluntary support service provided by Bloom Psychology Clinic that helps our people find solutions to all kinds of challenges at any stage of life. The programme is offered to our people at no cost and is completely confidential. Following the success and take-up of the last 2 years, we are committed to continue to offer this service for the foreseeable future.

Bouncing back

Despite the unprecedented conditions brought about by COVID-19, this year was a year of reconnecting and bringing our teams together. We saw an appetite for people to return to in-person events, social gatherings and collaboration. Our social activities resumed with popular events such as the PwC Treasure Hunt and Quiz Night seeing a record number of attendees for both events.

In the face of rapid growth and change we continue to adopt new working models that go beyond the pandemic and through which our people will continue to thrive. This includes a continuous effort to create a healthy balance of hybrid working patterns where people are able to continue to work flexibly from home, from the office and from client sites.

Pink October & Movember

As is now tradition at PwC Malta, throughout October and November, we take the opportunity to raise awareness both internally and externally on health-related issues including early identification, signs and symptoms, and to show our support to all the individuals and families affected. Donations are also made to NGOs such as the Action For Breast Cancer Foundation.


Students and experienced hires

We continue to invest in growing our student population, recognising that they are the future of the firm. Our aim is to provide purpose-led work that makes an impact, that is meaningful and that bridges the gap between theory and practice. We offer a variety of programmes to students studying Accounting, Commerce, Law and STEM disciplines across all educational institutions, including the University of Malta and the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST), amongst others. Our efforts also continued on recruiting and retaining experienced professionals. During the period under review the firm onboarded over 100 local and foreign recruits across the various lines of services, adopting a ‘no exceptions’ policy on the quality of people joining the firm.  We are committed to continue to work on strengthening our position in the market as the employer of first choice. 

our students

our sponsorships


At PwC our driving force is to help organisations and individuals make a difference and create value by reimagining the possible. This year we celebrated our 1 year anniversary sponsoring the Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU). This continued collaboration over this scholastic year solidifies our commitment to the incredible potential that lies within the thousands of students studying at the University of Malta and we are excited to embark on our third year of sponsorship with this student organisation. 

This year also marked our second scholastic year sponsoring the Science Students' Society (S-Cubed) and a new collaboration between the Association of Students of Commercial Studies (ASCS) and PwC Malta which allowed us to continue to support the student body at large. We are proud to announce that we have extended this sponsorship agreement with ASCS for another scholastic year.


Differences can be challenging, but diversity of the workforce is essential to the success and profitability of the business. We continue to improve on creating a diverse culture and one which practices inclusion in order to solve the important problems of today. It has never been more important to bring together people who think differently and have different life experiences, this makes for better business practices. During the year ending 30 June 2022, 30% of our staff complement were foreign coming from 35 different countries. This effort to continue to onboard people who mirror the quality levels that a firm like ours stands for, with the right skill set and aptitude, remains a top priority.

expats at pwc

Developing our people

Equipping people with the skills they need to progress while serving our clients remains another key priority. 

We have continued to review the performance of our people and to ensure they continue developing and being given opportunities to grow, allowing them to transform their skills into new and different areas.  

people training

Forming part of a network of firms has allowed us to build a strong international mobility programme for our people. This not only provides them with the opportunity to gain an international experience, it also supports us in our aim to continue to upskill our people and build diverse teams in terms of skill set and backgrounds. In FY22, we had 7 of our people physically seconded to PwC Dubai, Luxembourg and Abu Dhabi while 23 of our people worked on international projects and assignments with other network member firms such as PwC Australia, USA, Denmark and Belgium, amongst others. Moving forward we hope to continue to strengthen our network relationships and seek opportunities for our people to grow and develop.

people training

In FY22, we continued our journey to standardise and streamline our people processes and technologies, thereby benefiting from various technology platforms and tools. This involved building on our implementation of both global systems such as Workday and custom-made ones using API, RPA and data analytics dashboards. This enabled us to create an enhanced and more fully integrated experience for our clients and our people as well as provided the ability for our leaders to make informed decisions through various reports and dashboards. 

In addition to transforming our ways of working, our Digitising the Network programme is aimed at equipping our people with the skills, knowledge and digital resources that will help them and PwC be fit for the future. By upskilling our people, we are able to create the next generation of solutions for clients while giving our people the skills needed in today’s world. Our local firm has been part and plans to nominate individuals from our lines of service to be part of PwC’s Digital Accelerator programme. This programme puts groups of PwC people through an immersive training programme that teaches them skills in technology such as automation, machine learning, design thinking and digital storytelling. They become local champions who lead by example and coach their colleagues to bring a digital approach to every client engagement and to our internal ways of working.

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