Stock market listing preparation

Clients looking to raise capital from an overseas stock markets (eg Singapore) through an initial public offering (IPO) or a Reverse Takeover (RTO) we can advise you on the process and assist you in your preparation in order to maximise value.


One of the leading firms assisting clients prepare for cross-border IPOs (HK, Singapore, UK or US stock exchanges)

How PwC can help

Listing Preparation

  • Assess your company’s readiness for capital raising, including an overseas IPO or RTO
  • Advise on restructuring and re-organising, as required for purposes of capital raising
  • With respect to preparing your company for an IPO/RTO :
    • Assess and assist in restructuring the finance function to meet the post listing Continuing Listing reporting requirements
    • Assess and advice on internal control and corporate governance, and suggest changes to meet listing requirements
    • Advise on historical financials and assist in developing forecasts
    • Facilitate strategic business planning

Case study


A Myanmar based company, preparing for an overseas listing, wanted a structured approach to implement control policies for its finance and other key operations


  • Performed a gap analysis on key finance and operational controls, and then recommended controls to implement
  • Assisted in forming control policies to provide a structured approach to implementation

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