IT risk and security

Technology-led innovation has enabled business models to evolve. Organisations are operating in a digitally interconnected and integrated environment and more and more companies in Myanmar are introducing financial systems for the first time.

In adopting technology solutions, organisations make themselves vulnerable to IT risks and cybersecurity threats.

PwC helps organisations:

  • Understand dynamic IT challenges
  • Adapt and respond to risks inherent to the business ecosystem
  • Prioritise and protect the most valuable assets fundamental to the business strategy



  • PwC is a ‘leader’ ranking by Forrester Research.
  • PwC has strong local delivery capabilities supported by regional and global teams


How PwC can help

Our IT Risk and Security Solutions

Our services include

  • IT readiness assessments
  • Vendor selection
  • Security Strategy, Governance and Architecture
  • Security in New Technology Adoption – Mobile and Cloud
  • Vulnerability Management and Threat Intelligence
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Risk & Compliance Management
  • IT Governance Frameworks

Case study


A client requested PwC to provide advice on IT security for their systems to assess the compliance to international standards and IT-related regulations and, to review the  IT security governance, strategy and architecture.


  • The results helped the client to establish its IT security strategy with a robust framework
  • Created visibility for management on the current state of IT against regulations and recognised IT standards.
  • Assisted management to implement policies to improve the IT Security Governance.
  • Shaped the company's future IT architecture along with suggested solutions and vendors.


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