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Business digitisation is increasingly exposing companies to new digital vulnerabilities by the minute, making effective cybersecurity and privacy more important than ever. How can you balance security and opportunity to move forward boldly?

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Rise in email phishing and ransomware attacks; researchers publish jailbreak for latest Apple iOS
June 2020

The pandemic-driven shift towards remote working conditions and reliance on virtual tools for business communication is unlocking a whole new wave of emerging cyber threats for organisations:

  • Phishing redefined: Adversaries have been observed to utilise COVID-19 themed phishing emails to trick unsuspecting victims into revealing their personal data or clicking on malicious links or attachments. In the latest wave of phishing campaigns, PwC observed email fraudsters impersonating public health authorities in order to disguise themselves as reliable outlets. 
  • Ragnar Locker: Threat actor groups have also been observed to spread a ransomware variant dubbed “Ragnar Locker” in the recent string of cyber-attacks. Ragnar Locker is seen to spread through installed virtual machines in the attempt to evade detection by antivirus solutions. 
  • iOS Jailbreak: Security researchers have publicly released an iOS jailbreak dubbed “unc0ver v5.0.0” that works on the latest version of Apple’s iOS.

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Responding to the business impact of COVID-19
A cybersecurity framework

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused an increase in both the likelihood and impact of cyber attacks, as organisations react rapidly to potentially significant operational and financial challenges. The nature of the threat is also changing, with attackers exploiting uncertainty and unprecedented situations.

As the international response continues to develop, we know that organisations are facing significant cybersecurity challenges to which they need to respond rapidly; our experienced and expert team can work alongside you to tackle these.


The critical issues

In a post-COVID world, are you defense ready?

The best defense is often preemptive. If you are able to threat-hunt effectively and find the potential cyber attackers in your network before they have a chance to strike, you have already won. In the case of an unfortunate cyber attack, do you have an SOP ready to respond swiftly and accurately?

Minimising risks and risk compliance

Risk is inherent in the transformation of your business from ‘analog’ to ‘digital’, and being able to fully assess the possible risks in your systems is half the battle won. Being risk-ready also means knowing what’s the worst case scenario, for example, the potential cost impact of a data breach and whether you are prepared to mitigate against it. Ensuring your risk policies are compliant with regulatory and legislative requirements is also key.

Keeping abreast with new trends and competitors

Cybersecurity trends are ever-evolving and at the same time, scarcely a day goes by without mention of a new cyber crime in the news. Businesses face a wide range of threats ranging from nation states and organised crime to 'hacktivists' and insiders. How do you ensure you are keeping up both in the marketplace and versus your competitors?

Instilling confidence in stakeholders

Securing buy-in from senior management and having to fight resistance to change are very real problems for cybersecurity teams. Security is also sometimes seen as a cost rather than value adding. To instill confidence in stakeholders, the key is to ensure your cybersecurity function is delivering value and contributing to your firm’s overall business goals.

How we can help

We can help you take a broader view of cybersecurity and privacy as both protectors and enablers of the business. 

Cyber strategy and management

Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT challenge – it’s a business imperative. Boards and C-suites need to get involved in managing cyber risks, by providing leadership, oversight and governance. We can come in to help develop or re-design cybersecurity due diligence and strategies as well as target operating models.

Digital identity

By assessing users, we help to connect the right people to the right data and systems, tailored to their individual access levels and needs. This includes identity lifecycle management and governance, consumer identity and access management and privileged access management.

Data privacy and protection

In this digital age, the use of personal data and cross-border data transfers are common and even necessary. Embedding the right security protocols such as data classification, discovery and loss protection, enterprise, network and cloud data protection, and personal data privacy, ensure that we build trust in the powerful use of data.

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Cyber defence

Threats in the cyber world are ever evolving. Building effective defense that is constantly updated and refreshed is the key to survive and thrive in this digital age. We can provide support in vulnerability management and threat intelligence, security monitoring and analytics, security incident and threat management, and SOC automation and orchestration.

Operational technology

As Singapore moves towards a Smart City, the increasing integration of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) systems means that any disruption of OT systems will potentially have a cascading impact across sectors. People, processes and technology are the 3 main challenges in securing OT systems. We can help with assessments, compliance and training / education.

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Cloud trust

Despite the numerous benefits of cloud computing, most businesses struggle to fully leverage the capabilities of the cloud. A series of high-profile breaches and leaks of sensitive data in recent years have shone a bright spotlight on cloud security and forced companies to re-evaluate their cloud readiness, architecture and security. We can help you navigate the cloud journey with trust.

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Threat hunting

Cyber criminals continue to infiltrate organisations’ networks undetected and gain unauthorised access to critical data. Organisations need to look proactively for and identify any threats in their IT estate and respond quickly and appropriately before they damage their business. We can help you rethink your cyber approach and stay ahead of possible attacks.

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Red-teaming / Incidence Response

As the increasing frequency of high profile breaches shows, no organisation is immune to a cyber breach. When a cyber incident impacts your business, you need to be prepared. We can give you on-demand access to our world leading specialists to contain, investigate and mitigate the threat during a cyber incident.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Now more than ever, it is imperative for organisations to have a trusted threat intelligence partner to provide timely, actionable intelligence to understand the emerging threats, stay on guard and always be one step ahead of cyber attackers at every stage.

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