Value Chain Transformation™

Optimising your infrastructure processes and systems to deliver competitive customer service can be a major challenge—especially when so many parameters, from technology to labour mobility to legislation, are in such flux. PwC’s Value Chain Transformation™ (VCT) model has been designed to help companies transform the way they do business every step of the way, from initial strategy through final delivery—in a tax-advantaged manner.

How PwC can help you

VCT gathers together PwC’s deep experience in supply chain management, shared services and human resources with our acclaimed tax services in areas such as transfer pricing, commissionaire and agency structures, VAT and customs duties, to create an integrated best practices model for your supply chain. Embedded at every stage with sophisticated e-business practices, VCT mobilises impressive resources across geographic and service lines to create a "one-stop-shop" for professional advice and knowledge.

Using our Value Chain Transformation, we can help you:

  • Develop a more competitive customer service proposition
  • Achieve a rationalised manufacturing capacity and optimised physical distribution network
  • Create a sustainable, structural tax improvement, increasing shareholder value and cash flow
  • Create optimal processes for operational leadership
  • Align your tax/fiscal and operational models
  • Establish potential synergies within your supply chain and operating structure
  • Obtain total visibility across the supply chain through single ownership of inventory
  • Facilitate the management of euro pricing and greater pricing transparency
  • Centralise transaction processing
  • Align profits with restructured business processes
  • Achieve the flexibility to accommodate future business changes

VCT's benefits are often of a magnitude as to become self-financing for our clients—while still allowing for modular implementation to deliver benefits in the short term.

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