Forensic technology solutions

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Forensic Technology Solutions


Electronically-stored information is growing faster than many organisations’ ability to manage it.

Systems are designed for normal business needs; they are not designed to respond to critical incidents that create an immediate need for that data to be preserved, analysed and produced.

The forensic technology team at PricewaterhouseCoopers help clients manage vast amounts of electronic data and navigate the legal and business processes that are mandated by these critical events.


We help clients respond to critical events such as:

  • indications or suspicions of fraud, bribery, corruption, price fixing or other breaches of compliance
  • disputes
  • litigation and e-disclosure
  • regulatory requests for information
  • assertion or defence of claims (including warranty, breach of contract, et cetera)
  • data leak or network breaches


We assist by:

  • preserving and capturing  data
  • conducting financial or non-financial compliance investigations
  • reviewing or analysing the data, or making it available for counsel or investigators to review
  • producing relevant data for court, regulator, or other involved parties


We help clients proactively minimise risks and costs by:

  • conducting reviews of transactional systems (to find control weaknesses, fraud and irregularities)
  • implementing real-time transaction monitoring
  • implementing fraud prevention and detection programmes
  • assessing and reducing the risk of data compromise and resulting economic crime
  • investigating, evaluating and remediating regulatory compliance, including anti-bribery, anti-corruption and competition.


The PwC difference

It’s essential to have forensic technology specialists who are trained in the forensic acquisition and analysis of electronic evidence and are equipped with the most cutting-edge tools and technology.

It is even more important to have a team of professionals who understand the wider commercial issues — such as how to minimise the cost and disruption to the business — and the wider legal issues, such as data protection and proportionality.

We understand the implications of the Data Protection legislation. Critically, we understand the legal aspects of transferring data between multiple jurisdictions.

The reach of our FTS team is extensive, including over 350 forensic technology professionals spanning 35 countries globally. Locally, we have a state-of-the-art, secure forensic laboratory with team of experienced and dedicated forensic technology staff in Prague.


Our FTS team offers the following core services: