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By the term “whistleblowing”, we mean a situation where an individual alerts an authorised body or institution to illegal or unethical practices occurring within their organisation. Whistleblowing is a key aspect of upholding integrity and transparency in a company. Establishing effective whistleblowing mechanisms aligns with broader efforts to improve compliance, thereby mitigating corruption and non-compliance with legal obligations.

If you want to ensure that you have set everything up correctly within your organisation, we would be pleased to welcome you to our courses. Not only will we provide you with our expertise, experience, and best practices, but also offer guidance on how to proceed in case of the first reports. 


The new Whistleblower Protection Act requires companies with more than 50 employees to have implemented an internal whistleblowing system in place.


Ensure that you understand your responsibilities and have everything set up correctly. We will provide you with the necessary knowledge, experience, and proven practices.

Processing reports

Under the guidance of an experienced psychologist, we will advise you on how to proceed with the initial reports.

Why study with PwC Academy?

Global knowledge base and experience sharing

We are part of a global network of PwC professionals who cover an extensive range of compliance issues and topics related to whistleblowing.

Driving and shaping the future of whistleblowing

We participate in the development of corporate compliance programmes and collaborate in shaping corporate values and goals.

Flexibility and responsiveness

We monitor regulations, developments, and trends, and we share the latest information from various fields.

Experienced experts from various fields

We share experiences and practical solutions from a wide range of industries, enabling us to respond quickly to changes in the corporate environment.

Practical and interactive courses

Our course is highly interactive and thoroughly prepares you for the legislative requirements associated with whistleblowing.

Continuous improvement

We regularly assess and update our programmes, effectively respond to market changes, and carefully monitor developments in the compliance field.

Course modules

Whistleblowing in the Czech Republic

A face-to-face course covering legal, forensic and psychological aspects

This course is divided into four parts, each carefully designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding and specific tools for successfully establishing an internal reporting system. Participants will not only learn about possibilities and accountability that may arise as a result of whistleblowing, but will also receive basic training on communication rules and skills for receiving and processing reports. Emphasis will also be placed on developing emotional skills focused on emotional care and well-being.

This course is one of the first to provide psychological training for dealing with and handling whistleblower reports and communicating with whistleblowers, including the opportunity to improve emotional communication skills and to dealing with emotionally stressful situations that may arise as part of a whistleblowing investigation.

Topics covered:
  • Legal module: Introduction to whistleblowing as an instrument of compliance, whistleblowing reporting system and its rules (including software solutions), dangers of group resolution of whistleblowing, designated person and their role in the resolution of reports, accountability of companies and management, receival and resolution of reports, demonstration of procedure after receiving a report and the proposed action, practical aspects of dealing with whistleblowing.
  • Psychological-consulting module: Emotional intelligence (recognising and responding to emotions with empathy), communicating with whistleblowers, suspects and witnesses (what to be mindful of, what not to disregard, what to avoid), mental resilience (tools for coping with the stress and emotional burnout associated with challenging cases), ethics and professionalism (understanding ethical standards and maintaining report confidentiality).
  • Forensic module – internal investigations: the role of the designated person and co-investigators in investigating whistleblowing reports, main goals and basic principles of internal investigation including key prerequisites for its successful execution, internal investigation process and its main steps, conducting investigative interviews, interview techniques, principles and practical aspects, real-life examples, and mistakes to avoid during internal investigations and investigative interviews.
  • Workforce people module: Unfair treatment, harassment, mobbing, non-transparent remuneration (discrimination by the means of unfair pay), salary differences and pay gap, company culture and its DNA (internal processes and communications).

This course is mainly aimed at designated persons, HR personnel and managers, managers, government bodies, and for the leadership of companies and organisations that deal with whistleblowing or ones that may be affected by it and want to set up their own whistleblower reporting system the practical and correct way and to be prepared to deal with whistle blowing, its specifics and complication.

Course Details

Duration: 1 day
Format: In-person (face-to-face course)

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a PwC certificate.


Whistleblowing: Czech Republic – Slovakia

A comprehensive webinar covering legal aspects, forensic approach, and a comparison with Slovak legal regulations

We will acquaint you with essential information necessary for understanding whistleblower protection issues and setting up a reporting system. We will provide a comprehensive overview of the options and methods for receiving and handling reports. We will demonstrate possible approaches to designing resolution procedures and measures for management. Comparisons between Czech and Slovak legal regulations will be made, and we'll share years of practical Slovak experience with whistleblowing.

We will also focus on handling reports from a forensic perspective, and within a special section, we will address the issue of internal investigations, interrogations, and conducting interviews. Corporate culture is integral to whistleblowing, and we will guide you in setting it up effectively.

Topics covered:

Legal module – Czech Republic: Overview of obligations, whistleblowing reporting system and its rules, liability for breaching obligations, challenges related to receiving and addressing reports, practical aspects in addressing whistleblowing. 

Legal module – Slovakia: Fundamental aspects of Slovak whistleblowing regulations, comparison with Czech regulation, experiences and practices after nearly 10 years of effectiveness.

Forensic module – internal investigations: the role of the designated person and co-investigators in investigating whistleblowing reports, main goals and basic principles of internal investigation including key prerequisites for its successful execution, internal investigation process and its main steps, conducting investigative interviews, interview techniques, principles and practical aspects, real-life examples, and mistakes to avoid during internal investigations and investigative interviews.

Company culture: Company culture and its DNA (how processes function, internal communication, etc.), setting up company culture, unequal treatment, harassment, mobbing, salary inequalities (non-transparent compensation, salary discrimination).

The course is intended for designated persons, HR professionals, managers, and company executives, who are involved in whistleblowing and wish to have their reporting system properly and practically set up and be prepared to address reports and their specifics. The course is also suitable for entities with connections to the Slovak Republic.

Course Details

Duration: Half-day
Format: Online (webinar)

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a PwC certificate.


We will provide you with the essential legal guidance required to establish a whistleblowing reporting system correctly and will provide a comprehensive overview of the options and methods for dealing with reports and the various procedures.


Petra Kinclová

Petra is a Senior Associate at PwC Legal. Prior to joining PwC, Petra worked for leading Czech and international law firms. She also served as a legal assistant at a court´s commercial department. She holds a Diploma in International Trade CIC Melbourne and Master Degree in Geography and History. Petra focuses her practice on general commercial and employment law and regulations related to the business of Czech and foreign companies. She has extensive experience in representing clients in administrative and civil proceedings. She taught for two years at a primary school, participates in the Attorneys to Schools project, trains and organises webinars and seminars in areas related to her specialisation.

Tomáš Sádlík

Tomáš is a manager in the Forensic Department team at PwC in Prague and has over 15 years of experience as an Anti-Fraud & Compliance Professional. Within the scope of his forensic activities, Tomáš focuses on investigations, integrity due diligence projects, fraud prevention, anti-bribery and corruption, and compliance. Before joining PwC, Tomáš worked at one of the leading Czech banks in the Fraud Risk Management department, where he specialised in fraud investigations, assessing fraud risks and compliance.

Karel Kolář

Karel has more than 20 years of experience in banking and financial services. Prior to joining PwC, he worked in the banking sector where he gained experience in most processes and products. Karel then managed the establishment and development of the Non-Bank Credit Register in the Czech Republic. Karel has extensive experience in project management, design implementation and process and product optimization, with a focus on clients in South East Europe, Africa and Asia. Karel specialises in Performance Management, HR Target Operating Models, Process Design, Sales Incentives and Rewards.

Andrea Linhartová Palánová

Andrea has over 20 years of experience in Leadership Development, corporate transformation and change management. She has implemented process and personnel audits for clients in the manufacturing, automotive, ICT sectors. She has worked for international companies in the Czech Republic and abroad, where she held managerial positions in procurement, HR and marketing. She co-founded two companies (in IT and tourism). For the last 15 years she has been focusing on data-driven HR consulting. She has obtained Swiss certification to conduct pay gap audits.

Kateřina Halásek Dosedělová

Kateřina is a director of the Forensic Services Department at PwC and the vice president of the Czech chapter of ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners). She has over 18 years of experience in investigating fraudulent and unethical activities within companies, both in the Czech Republic and in the Central and Eastern European region and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
As part of her work, she also focuses on establishing effective internal control mechanisms and testing their efficiency to reduce the risk of fraudulent activities and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
Kateřina is a certified fraud examiner (CFE) and a certified accountant (FCCA).

Lucia Glasová

Lucia is a manager at PwC Slovakia, where she heads the human resources department. She specialises in the social area of ESG including managing and designing the strategy and analysis of the success of diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI), communication and employer brand, training and development processes including the strategy of the skills-based approach, screening and auditing of conditions of equal opportunities and remuneration (EQUAL-SALARY certification) and on increasing skills for a sustainable future. Lucia has more than 18 years of experience in human resources (all areas of employee experience) and in strategic and project management. She gained experience while working in corporate companies.

Dates and details

Date Course CPD points Language


Price (excl. VAT)* Registration
31 October 2024
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Legal protection of whistleblowers in the Czech Republic
Face-to-face course (seminar)
7 CZE PwC (Prague)  7,500 CZK
5 November 2024
9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Whistleblowing: Czech Republic – Slovakia
Online course (webinar)
4 CZE Online  5,000 CZK

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