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Staying compliant, agile and connected

With the competitive environment, talent attraction and retention is a top priority for all businesses. Dealing with remunerations and incentives - and personal tax matters can be challenging and complex. The outcome of non-compliance can be severe and costly. Whether you are looking for solutions around your employee reward and equity design policy or the tax solutions for your employees and senior management team, our specialist team will be working closely with you at all stages, helping you to stay compliant, identify both opportunities and pitfalls and the tax impacts.

What this means for you

  • A dedicated team to support your tax compliance matters

  • Supported by a specialist team to proactively address your tax concerns

  • Tapping into our tax subject matter experts with insights beyond tax reporting 

  • Use the right-sized technology platform to streamline, drive efficiency and deliver sustainable outcome

  • Staying compliant and keeping you confident in your decision making

How we can help you

1. Individual tax compliance and tax consulting

  • We can assist with various personal tax compliance matters to ensure you can meet the stringent requirement under self assessment regime. Our services include:

    • Preparation of tax computations and filing of annual tax returns

    • Assist with the tax clearance process

    • Determination of tax residence status and application of certificate of residence

    • Apply for 3% withholding tax refund

    • Advice on individual income tax matters relating to Permanent Establishment

    • Preparing tax reconciliation calculations

    • Other ad-hoc tax advisory on personal tax compliance matters

2. Tax Advisory for Share Reward Schemes

  • Increasingly the equity based compensation scheme that aligns with the company’s corporate long term strategy has becoming a key features to reward the employees. We have been supporting our client in implementing various equity based reward scheme. Our services include

    • Advice on the tax implications arising from the equity based compensation plan

    • Tax due diligence review of existing shares schemes

    • Facilitate the communication with employee

    • Assisting in handling enquiries issued by the tax authorities on the share schemes

    • Submission of the equity based compensation plan to the tax authorities

3. Tax advisory for remuneration, retirement & termination package

  • We have extensive experience in advising employers of this area. The scope of our services can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of companies. Our services include:

    • Reviewing agreement to highlight the tax implications

    • Remuneration package review for senior management 

    • Advising tax reporting requirements for employer and employee

    • Obtaining tax clearance from tax authorities

    • Facilitate the communication with employees to address their tax concerns

    • Handling tax authorities' enquiries

4. High net worth individual (HNWI)

  • Managing the tax matters for HNWI and families can be complex and challenging. Effective tax reporting strategy is an essential element for growing your business and preserving your wealth. Our dedicated specialist team will work closely with you to develop tailored tax solutions for you and your business. Our services include:

    • Reviewing the SPV for your business and investment assets to be in line with your long term objectives (e.g. trust, foundation, family office, etc)

    • Address the tax implication for estate, trust & gifts

    • Real property gains tax for family assets

    • Tax advisory on individual relocating to Malaysia

    • Help to identify potential tax issues and provide tailored solution to address the tax issues

    • Managing cross border tax obligations for you and your family

    • Assist with your cross border & domestic reporting obligations

5. Enterprise / start-ups

  • No matter what stage of the lifecycle your business is in, we take a holistic approach in helping the business and owner/entrepreneur to stay ahead of the curve and being responsive to changing tax regulations. We use technology and innovative solutions to drive efficiencies. With close collaboration and streamlined processes, we commit to deliver high-quality tax returns on time. Our services include:

    • Complete finance function support such as bookkeeping, preparing monthly / quarterly management report, liaison with auditors and tax agent

    • Preparation of tax computations and submission of annual tax returns for the business owners

    • Payroll support including monthly employee payroll processing and annual payroll-related filings

    • Assistance during tax audit/investigation conducted by the tax authorities

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