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Partnership for an agile and resilient workforce

“In response to near-term economic challenges, CEOs say they are taking actions to spur revenue growth and cut costs, without delaying strategic M&A initiatives. Interestingly, although 52% of CEOs say they have already begun cutting costs, just 19% are implementing hiring freezes, and 16% are reducing the size of their workforce.”

86% plan to invest in upskilling their workforce over the next 12 months

76% are focused on automation and advanced tech such as AI

As the workplace continues to evolve and become more complex, businesses are facing challenges to

✓ adapt to changing workforce needs,

✓ stay competitive in a resource-limited environment, and

✓ keep up with regulatory requirements.

Our HR Managed Services, designed to provide comprehensive end-to-end support for your HR function, will allow you and your team to concentrate on your core business and strategic priorities. 

We will partner you to streamline your HR processes, including talent development, ensuring compliance and ultimately help you drive better business outcomes through automation and data analytics, while enhancing employee experience.

Our approach

As we place trust and security at the forefront of every part of our operations, our HR Managed Services offers comprehensive end-to-end support for all your human resource needs in a reliable and secure manner. 

HR Compliance is a crucial, top-of-mind concern of all organisations. We will conduct routine compliance HR checks to ensure that your company is in constant alignment with the law.

Our HR Maturity Assessment will help your workforce identify optimisation opportunities. allowing your organisation to be agile, flexible, and most importantly, adaptable to the ever-evolving, fast paced workforce of the future.

At our core, we prioritize maintaining the highest ESG standards and by leveraging on data analytics, we can advise on the Social aspects of your workforcesuch as work culture and gender equality

PwC’s Future Focus offers fresh ideas and inspirational people management solutions to enable your business to identify and adapt to the latest opportunities, trends and even potential threats to better prepare for the future.

Optimise operations and accelerate outcomes with PwC’s HR Managed Services

Our HR Managed Services solutions include the following:


Recruitment, Onboarding & Offboarding Administration

Providing you a seamless and intuitive recruitment administration process to fill up open positions.

Successful candidates will be assured of a smooth recruitment process from onboarding, orientation and settling-in to create a positive experience.

Ensuring leavers experience a positive and efficient offboarding process will open doors to further collaboration opportunities.

Benefits & Claims Administration

Managing employee benefits & claims processing, with implementation of Employee Self Service module for fast approval and transparent procedures.

Attendance & Leave Administration

Attendance & Leave administration via Employee Self Service module, for improved transparency and visibility for both employee and organisation.

Learning Administration

Seamless administration of employees’ end-to-end learning development activities including logistics arrangements, future focused learning programmes and management of employee learning records.

Payroll Processing & Regulatory Compliance

Managing end-to-end payroll processing and reporting, monthly tax deductions (MTD)  and other statutory contributions to EPF (Employees Provident Fund), SOCSO (Social Security Organisation) and HRDF (Human Resource Development Fund), to ensure governance and regulatory compliance.

Expatriate Support Services

Supporting your HR processes for employment of expatriates, from getting post approvals from the relevant authorities, to processing of shadow payroll and filing of their personal tax returns. You can expect accurate reporting and regulatory compliance, while ensuring your expatriates have a positive Malaysian hospitality.

Key features

Outsourcing your HR function to PwC can contribute to improved HR efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy.

Flexible and scalable delivery models based on your preferred technology and processes, driven by automation and data analytics.

Tailor-made quality services for high impact  and sustainable outcome. Upskilled workforce to drive greater productivity and futureproof organisation.

Access to vast subject matter experts (SMEs) in corporate, strategy and HR operational areas to manage people and culture needs, as well as  solve complex issues.

Compliance driven for better reporting and corporate governance.

Have you thought of these?  Let’s talk!

  • Are you ready to transform your HR function to be future ready, with new skill sets and mindsets? 

  • Are your HR processes and functions able to support your people’s needs and challenges, eg. wellbeing, updated policies, open communications, remote and / or hybrid working, upskilling, etc?

  • Are your talent processes differentiated, technology-enabled and streamlined to give you a competitive edge to attract and retain talents?

  • Are you dealing with integration issues with multiple systems, manual data entry and reconciliation processes, leaving your people lacking resources to create a positive impact in your HR delivery? 

  • Is your organisation creating an effective combination of technology and human skills to deliver more business value? 

  • Do you get reliable and intuitive people data and insights, eg. cost, time, quality and efficiency, to be able to make strategic decisions?

  • Are you able to monitor, manage and mitigate workforce risks, and ensure employer regulatory and reporting obligations are met?

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