Diversity and inclusion

Are your EEO Diversity reports telling you what you need to know?

In many organisations, HR teams look at diversity through a compliance lens: "How many candidates did we hire from various categories over a given period? What was our mix for EEO reporting?" Or the follow-up questions will often be more tactical: "What diversity training programs should we offer this quarter? What is our participation rate?" And while these questions are well-intentioned, they miss the most important question: "What is working?" PwC's Talent Analytics and Predictive Services can help answer that.

Statistical analysis can show you which parts of your Diversity & Inclusion programs work best.

The true goal of diversity activities in any organisation: to nurture and grow specific populations in order to effectively capture the benefits of diversity. Organisations hiring and retaining a diverse employee base are more likely to be more successful at driving performance and increasing innovation. While it is important to monitor hiring and retention statistics, the summary reports don't address the more important question: what can be done to change the absolute numbers so an organisation can become more diverse?

Explanations are more meaningful than mere numbers.

This is where statistical analysis can help. We start by sifting through an organisation's HR data set to understand past performance. What does the demographic data say about the team's diversity index, and how has it changed over time? We overlay information about the activities used to promote diversity and inclusion: recruiting activities, employee referrals, training initiatives, affinity groups, targeted advertising, and other initiatives. Then we introduce statistical techniques to highlight the often unseen correlations between what you've done and where you've seen results. This lets you make decisions based on what has worked in your particular organisation rather than on hunches.

How can you increase the odds that you will hire and retain a diverse workforce? By going beyond simple tracking of diverse headcount changes, to understand the effectiveness of specific activities that drove the changes. And by identifying trends in the growth rate of specific populations within a given geography or department, management can actively address diversity problems before they can have a negative impact on the business.

Our Diversity & Inclusion services are part of a bigger picture.

Our Diversity & Inclusion services complement other PwC talent analytics and predictive services programs by extracting insights from your HR "Big Data." We use advanced statistical techniques to find the hidden patterns, so you can anticipate rather than react. From surveys and benchmarking to predictive services and people analytics strategy, we help our clients make fact-based decisions about human capital, creating meaningful change for employees, teams, and entire organisations.

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