Customer satisfaction surveys

Find out what your customers really want. Not what you think they want.

Do your customers view you as a partner? How strong is your relationship? Will they recommend your products and services? Do you know why you won (or lost) that important sale? Are you seen as a market leader, or are you behind the curve? Our research tools let you identify and measure what matters most to your customers.

Listening to the "voice of the customer" can help you turn detractors into promoters.

Growth comes from knowing your customers. A crystal-clear understanding of what customers want, need and value most can point the way to competitive advantage.

We look for realistic steps you can take to improve your customers' perceptions.

Data-driven decisions lead to better results. We assess the overall business relationship, including ease-of-doing business and ROI analysis. We delve into loyalty, to understand repurchase intentions and whether a given customer would recommend you to others. And we look for feedback about functional areas, to understand how things like service delivery and marketing messages are being received and impacting purchase decisions and customer engagement. Armed with the right information, you can make more effective business decisions:

  • Rank investment priorities based on relative strengths and weaknesses
  • Find new revenue opportunities within different customer segments
  • Define an objective baseline for increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Address potential areas of concern through targeted training, product or service redesign, or even revamping a marketing or pricing program

We've surveyed millions of stakeholders over the past 25 years.

Use objective information to get the full value out of your sales and service functions.

We have global reach, with a technology-enabled survey process that collects and disseminates survey data in over 100 languages. And since a well-administered survey yields more meaningful results, we provide access to a library of proven questions, help in designing a survey's format and process, and web-based reporting options that let you analyse results, create and share detailed visual reports, and more.

Our Customer Satisfaction Surveys are part of a bigger picture.

Our customer satisfaction surveys complement other PwC survey programs. Employee Engagement drives Customer Engagement – linking the two helps you understand how customers and employees interact within your organisation. And when you look at the results in a broader context, you are able to make more insightful decisions on what to improve.

We would love to learn more about you—and learn how we might be able to help. Take the next step and schedule a meeting with us.

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