Public Sector Finance

Our Public Sector Finance specialists work with clients to help them improve the quality and credibility of their financial management information, while guiding them in using reporting for compliance and performance improvement.

Specifically, we provide assistance in the areas of accounting advice, process and change management, financial management reporting and system improvements.

Our services include:

Assistance with full IPSAS and MPSAS conversion

Our International Public Sector Accounting Standard (IPSAS) / Malaysia Public Sector Accounting Standards (MPSAS) conversion methodology involves a three-phase approach, namely:

  • Phase 1: Gap analysis & roadmap
  • Phase 2: Conversion
  • Phase 3: Embedding

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IPSAS and MPSAS accounting advice

We can help you by providing:

  • gap analysis between current accounting standards and IPSAS/MPSAS
  • advise on specific issues
  • quick, reliable access to a team of experts for ad hoc requests or regular discussions

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IPSAS and MPSAS training

We work with you to:

  • provide advanced and tailored training
  • raise staff awareness
  • deliver update on developments

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Project and change management

We help you manage all or part of the IPSAS/MPSAS conversion process by:

  • optimising project management
  • changing management processes

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Process and system improvement

We have the tools and expertise needed to help you:

  • review existing process & information systems
  • take advantage of IPSAS/MPSAS to streamline business processes
  • ensure changes to your organisation and business processes are effectively translated into the IT environment
  • ensure that the new IPSAS/MPSAS environment complies with your existing regulatory framework

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Financial management and reporting

We can help you improve the quality and credibility of your financial management information and guide you in using reporting for compliance and performance improvement by:

  • enhancing transparency
  • improving operational performance

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Assurance related work and statutory audits

We provide you with a range of assurance related work and statutory audit of your financial statements and reports.

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