Regulatory & Corporate Compliance

We understand the broad and complex nature of the changing compliance climate and the resources required to effectively manage these regulatory and corporate compliance obligations. We are cognisant of global practices while applying a localised lens to how compliance management should be operationalised. We help our clients to review their compliance set-up and ecosystem - from identification, assessment, monitoring, and responding to reporting - ensuring that they are aligned to the accountability structures in the organisation.

Our services include

Compliance function review/operating model

The compliance function as the second line of defence needs to be equipped with the right mandate and resources to undertake its role effectively. Often times, the expectations or mandates are not clear and misaligned to the organisation's business strategy. We help clients assess the compliance function set-up and the wider compliance operating model that is customised to the needs of the organisation. This covers the assessment of the following amongst others:

  • Compliance strategy and how it relates to the business
  • Structure of compliance ownership across the three lines of defence
  • Level of compliance processes institutionalised and understanding interdependencies
  • Enablement of technology and digitisation in the compliance value chain
  • Competency requirements and measures to inculcate desired behaviours

Regulatory gap assessment review

We help our clients undertake specific regulatory and compliance reviews on domain subject matters (i.e. AML/CFT, ISO, MACC Adequate Procedures) and the design of remediation programmes to address gaps identified.

Compliance risk assessment model

Organisations need to understand and appreciate their regulatory and compliance obligations to facilitate business practices. They dictate the planning and execution required to ensure compliance with the relevant standards.

We help our clients define the mechanism and process in identifying the compliance universe, applying it in the context of the organisation, monitoring and reporting of these requirements. Our compliance risk assessment model has been designed to:

  • Scan the compliance and regulatory universe
  • Function as a centralised depository as the and our core source of information
  • Apply a risk-based approach to prioritise the regulations that matter most to the organisation and where resources should be focused on
  • Translate regulatory and compliance requirements into reporting dashboards to monitor compliance risk

To find out more on how we can assist you in digitalising your Regulatory and Corporate Compliance programme, please check out our GRC Enablement solutions.



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