Our staff play a key role in motivating and supporting our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, and to our profession. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Programme continues supporting initiatives and worthy causes through paid time off on voluntary work, donations and pro-bono professional services.


Various activities were carried out during the past years including the ongoing partnership with Din l-Art Helwa where PwC partners and managers provided a thorough clean-up to Xlendi Tower in Gozo during 2010 and the Comino Tower in 2009 where PwC staff manned the site on Sundays. During the same year maintenance work was provided to St Joseph Home and OASI Foundation in Gozo by partners and managers. In November 2011, PwC staff spent a day at the Military Barracks in the Majjistral Park in Ghajn Tuffieha in another clean up supporting the Park Committee in converting these structures to their new administration premises. On the same day the Hon Jason Azzopardi, Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business and Land in the Ministry of Finance, Economy and Investment officially passed on the devolution of the Government owned ex-military barracks to the Management Board of Il-Majjistral Nature and History Park. In July 2008, the firm chose to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the merger by giving a day’s work to the community again in partnership with Din l-Art Helwa, The Gaia Foundation and Nature Trust. Here over 200 PwC staff members were able to take part in a clean up of an area in the National Park at Xaghra l-Hamra clearing debris and building rubble walls.

The firm continues to play an active role in supporting various professional bodies and the accountancy and law courses at University, through the provision of partners and managers who participate on the council of the Malta Institute of Accountants, the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners and the Accountancy Board, or as lecturers and tutors at University.

In total, our CSR contributions during the last three years included:

  • Expending €278,600 in time value on community services
  • Undertaking pro-bono work with a time value of €168,800 on various charities and community organisations, such as the annual L Istrina charity program
  • Cash donations of €51,900 to various worthy causes including cash collected by staff during office social functions, which was in all cases, as a minimum, matched by an equivalent donation by the firm.