Diversity Management: from Competence to Strategy

In today’s corporate world, diversity is a key resource, yet unlocking its potential depends on leaders’ diversity competence and effective diversity management.

Investing in Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is a current need, rather than a future requirement. Understanding how D&I connects with value creation, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is at the core of social sustainability for today’s organisations. The training programme is based on international diversity management standards, internationally certified competence and international research & practice based experience.


10.09.2024, 14.00 - 17.00 (EET - time zones)
Module 1
3 hours

Basic D&I and Diversity Management concepts to establish awareness & build competence

  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging
  • Diversity competence
  • Diversity maturity
  • Diversity management
  • Diversity & HR
  • International diversity management standards


17.09.2024, 14.00 - 17.00 (EET - time zones)
Module 2
3 hours

Diversity management & value creation

  • The business case of diversity
  • Diversity & competitiveness
  • Diversity & technology
  • Diversity & innovation
  • Diversity recruitment
  • Common approaches & mistakes


24.09.2024, 14.00 - 17.00 (EET - time zones)
Module 3
3 hours

Diversity management strategy

  • Diversity management strategy: Why?
  • Case analyses
  • Diversity management strategy: How?
  • Diversity & ESG
  • KPIs, action plans, metrics & measurements
  • Diversity management strategy roadmap

3 modules | 9 hours | Online

490 EUR + VAT

Agnese Cimdina, PhD, PwC Latvia Head of Diversity and Inclusion

Agnese Cimdina is a certified diversity manager (certified by the Norwegian Certification Authority “Norsk Sertifisering” & International Personnel Certification Association) and has contributed to awareness raising, knowledge transfer and consulting in diversity management to international organisations since 2019.

She has conducted research, led projects, consulted, published, been a lecturer, speaker & moderator on such topics as Diversity & Inclusion, Diversity Management, Diversity Competence, Internationalisation of Nordic businesses, International Marketing, Sustainability & Development, Equality & Trust, Culture & Business, Entrepreneurship & Innovations in Nordic, Latvian and Middle East societies.

Agnese holds Master’s and PhD degrees in social anthropology from the University of Bergen (Norway) with expertise in business and economic anthropology, development anthropology, and intercultural understanding. She has extensive international experience working with academic, corporate and diplomatic sectors in the Baltic, Nordic and Middle East countries.

Agnese is an author having recently published a monograph “Searching for Sustainability in Arabian Deserts. An Anthropology of Market and Oil” based on her post-doctoral research on business development, social and environmental sustainability, synergies between traditions, modernity, culture and business in the region of the Arabian Peninsula.

To whom

If your work on D&I and diversity management is to be successful, it’s important to understand the essence of D&I practices, clearly define your organisation’s D&I goals, and create an effective strategy in diversity management. Implementing diversity management requires not only management insight and a collaborative HR department but also staff engagement and enhancing the relevant competencies at company level.


Participation fee in 3 modules (9 hours) training:

490 EUR + VAT 

In order for the work on D&I and diversity management practices in the company to be successful, we recommend that several members of the organization attend the training. If 2 or more representatives of the same organization apply for the training, we offer a 15% discount.


Each module includes online lecture combined with discussions and practical tasks to build and strengthen diversity competence at individual and organisational level, as well as a strategic diversity management approach. The length of each module is three hours.

The training will be held in English.


On conclusion of the training programme, the participants will receive a PwC's Academy certificate.

Individual training for companies

If you would like to apply for individually tailored training for your company's employees, please contact Agnese Cimdiņa to receive an offer.

3 modules | 9 hours | Online

490 EUR + VAT

Outcomes of the training

  • Understanding the role of diversity competence in diversity management and how to navigate the D&I landscape

  • Understanding the essence and benefits of diversity management for business growth

  • Understanding how D&I principles relate to value creation, innovation and social sustainability

  • Understanding your organisation’s diversity potential and ability to see diversity of your people as a resource

  • Understanding the reasons for low performance at the workplace

  • Understanding what data are needed to map your organisation’s D&I situation

  • Understanding why and how to develop a diversity management strategy aligned with your organisation’s business objectives, KPIs and best practice guidelines

  • Understanding how to measure the effectiveness of diversity management in your company

  • Understanding systemic obstacles to attracting the best professionals

  • Understanding how bias and stereotypes affect the workplace and business growth

  • Understanding the risk of not having a diversity management approach in business and organisational development

  • Ability to identify and eliminate obstacles to successful diversity management and strengthening inclusive leadership

  • Ability to realise and use your own diversity competence

Diversity management, risks, and minimum policy to eliminate them
by Agnese Cimdiņa, PhD, business anthropologist, PwC Latvia

MindLink.lv, 26.03.2024

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The videorecording of the free-of-charge Baltic PwC webinar Diversity in pay and fringe benefits: present or future? is an excellent chance for multinational and local companies to explore the latest trends in HR policy, discuss the benefits of an individualised HR strategy, and consider ways of achieving competitive success in the market. 

"Sasodītā dažādība" - interview with Agnese Cimdiņa, PhD, business anthropologist, PwC Latvia

Delfi, 30.08.2023

Diversity Management and Diversity & Inclusion Consulting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) – an inclusive workplace that offers equal opportunities and unlocks diversity potential – is vitally important for private and public sector organisations aiming to enhance their growth, sustainability, reputation, competitiveness, and innovation potential.

Latvias første sertifiserte mangfoldsleder er forsker

Norsk Sertifisering AS, 09.01.2024

Eksperte: Sieviete uzņēmuma vadībā vēl nenozīmē sekmīgu dažādības vadību

Interview with Agnese Cimdiņa, PhD, business anthropologist, PwC Latvia

TV Net, 01.03.2024

Online webinar was held on 20.02.2024.
Building Bridges to a sustainable Tomorrow: Diversity & Inclusion 
Key topics:
- Understanding of basic concepts in DEIB and Diversity Management 
- Importance of Diversity management in strategic development of company

Dažādībā ir spēks - presentation by Agnese Cimdiņa at event organised by Society Integration Fund (SIF)

SIF, 30.11.2023.

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