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Guiding Japanese Companies to Success in International Business

What can we do for our clients in Japan to enhance their international competitiveness in the global economy?

Global Japanese Business Network Leader Yukinori Morishita

While the business environment for Japanese companies is changing dramatically, the global economy has increasingly become flat and synchronized. Japanese companies are accelerating their speed in expanding business overseas against a background of the shrinking market within Japan, cost increases and many other factors.

Once a company advances into the international market, it will face some difficulties and cultural gaps. There are few companies that can proceed with globalization only with their own human resources. We believe that our professional skills, experience and network will benefit you and bring you success in your overseas business.

One of PwC’s advantages is its strong global network with 250,000 professionals in over 158 countries. Within the PwC global network, we have formed a “JBN” (Japanese Business Network), a network team covering 80 countries, comprised of very competent professionals providing support to Japanese companies that plan to expand into the international market. We operate with strong and cross-border global collaboration.

Forms of international business vary widely depending on the purpose, region, strategy and specific approach chosen by the client. To ensure that the best option is chosen, you need a solid entry strategy and human resources who know the country or region very well. Moreover, to be successful in the target country, you need not only good knowledge of local laws, regulations and business practices but also personal connections with political, financial and other business persons.

Our overseas business support services are not just services provided to Japanese companies in the Japanese language. We are a service organization that provides complete solutions for various problems that may arise from differences in culture and business practice. We form a mixed team of Japanese and local professionals and work with local chambers of commerce and economic organizations to gather, in a timely manner, the latest information on legislation, regulations and industrial trends. During this whole process, we are working together with'our clients.

Our greatest strength is that we have professionals throughout the world who are able to assist in your success by solving problems associated with doing business in your target country. We continue to contribute to the enhancement of international competitiveness of our clients in Japan, with knowledge and experience gathered through the PwC global network.

I hope that you enjoy the benefits of using the PwC global network to lead your international business successfully.

Yukinori Morishita

Global Japanese Business Network Leader

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