Yoshimitsu Shiba

Yoshimitsu Shiba

Hong Kong Lead Partner, PwC Japan


Tax, Assurance, Japanese Business Development (JBD)

Summary of expertise

Yoshimitsu Shiba joined the Aoyama Audit Corporation in 1990 and has been with PwC Hong Kong since 1995. He was appointed General Partner for Hong Kong and South China Japan Business Development in PwC Hong Kong in 2003. Since he began his assignment in Hong Kong, he has worked for a significant number of Japanese clients who required professional assistance in doing business in Hong Kong and China. His experience of over 20 years in Hong Kong has covered various issues in relation to assurance, tax and other business matters in Hong Kong and China. His aim is to provide clients with integrated services in relation to assurance tax and any related business matters speedily, accurately and efficiently. He is a member of JICPA.


Hong Kong was called “dead rocky mountains” about 150 years ago, but it has now grown to become a world-leading economic power as well as being strong in the fields of finance, trading and business. Having a relatively small population in terms of its national area, Hong Kong is ranked as one of the countries that has largest trading volume in the world. It enables international enterprises to complete equally with local companies, and has the advantage of being adjacent to the delta area of the Pearl River. These environmental factors have led Hong Kong to become the international business centre and stronghold for China’s businesses.
There are 6 Japanese professional staffs and 30 Japanese-speaking staffs in PwC Hong Kong in Japanese Business Development. In 2002, we celebrated our 100th anniversary and were presented with Caring Company Award by the Hong Kong Council of Social Services, Caring companies receive this award for their good corporate citizenship and ongoing contributions to the economic and social development of Hong Kong. We will continue making the effort to provide our clients with high quality services.


  • Certified Public Accountant of Japan.

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